October 2013

Charged up Brain As we begin the start of harvest season in many parts of the world, we thought it would be interesting to focus on harvesting value out of a radical new idea like Phonebloks


We are not in the business of promoting new products but we are in the business of sharing the new and improved ideas with all the people, companies and communities for which we are connected. And, we think it is great practice of our innovative thinking skills to apply these skills towards new ideas that we instinctively want to resist.  So, whaddya say?  Read on and join the conversation on InnovativeBrains and let's explore this new idea further.

Build the phone you always wanted & reduce electronic waste: Global call to action! 

Imagine: a mobile phone that is more robust than any of its individual parts or software. A mobile phone that will take global collaboration to become a reality.  Watch the video to learn more:




Read on to learn more about donating your social reach before October 29th!  

Critics of New Ideas are Quick to Point Out All the Problems

While, Phonebloks' idea is exciting it is not without problems, as the critics are quick to point out. 


Watch this video to see how to phrase problems as questions:


New & Improved: How to phrase problems as questions for creative solutions


Phrase problems as a question cheat sheet:

  • How to... (or)
  • How might... (or)
  • In what ways might... (or)
  • What might be all of the... (and then)

So, what are all the questions looking for answers?  Read more on our blog or join us at  InnovativeBrains and share your ideas.   

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