April 2020  Edition

Dear Beloved,

Welcome to our April Newsletter. We are glad that you are standing strong through the very challenging times that we are all going through. These are unprecedented times, where life as we know it, is rapidly changing. The economy is reeling from the effects of the lock down. However, we stand firmly on the assurances of God, that He will never leave us nor forsake us.

The world has no ready answers, but the Lord desires that we turn and fix our eyes on Him. He is never short of answers. This is the time to lose ourselves in the 'awe' of God and declare how much we adore and trust Him. The article below, 'In His Presence' has more on this.

Arrangements for our Kingdom Expansion Conference 2020 across 4 cities are in full swing. It will hold in Lagos (5-6 June); Abuja (8-9 June); Kaduna (10-11 June) and Jos (12-13 June). Our prayer is that the current restrictions on gathering will be over by then. Please send the e-fliers out and pray your friends and family in. We all need God our Father to come Himself to minister to us.

We hope you enjoy reading our Newsletter.

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Never lose the 'awe' of God.
God is the vital necessity in our life. This implies that He is so intricately involved and required for the sustenance of our life that we cannot live without Him. The Bible talks about this in a couple of places, but it seems to be only the Amplified version that uses this terminology...." vital necessity".

Jeremiah, the prophet said, Then you will seek Me, inquire for and require Me (as a vital necessity) and find Me when you search for Me with all your heart (Jeremiah 29 v 13).You also find this in Psalm 70 v 4 and John 15 v 5.

Other vital necessities we have in life, include air (oxygen) to breath, food and water. Is there anyone who does not seek after these things? Is there anyone who does not understand the compulsion, desperation, intensity, even tending towards aggression if we are denied any of these vital necessities? However, when it comes to seeking after God, it suddenly is no longer highest priority and it takes on a rather casual approach of convenience. How is it that when it comes to this vital necessity, it suddenly takes on a back seat or procrastination takes over?

What jumps at me with all this is that there is an Almighty Relationship that we are supposed to be intimately involved with as a vital necessity. We were created to be in relationship first, with God the Father, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit, and also with one another.

God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit are in relationship one with the other. God, desiring to be reconciled in relationship with us, and to prove the lavish, unconditional love He has for us, sent His only Son Jesus Christ, to die for us, that whosoever believes in Him would not perish, but have everlasting life. (John 3 v 16). This ensures access for us into the secret place so we get to enjoy this relationship with the Almighty which is our vital necessity.

Some may ask, what do I mean by relationship with God Almighty? It sounds far- fetched in the ears of some. Relationship can only be someone who is living. Jesus rose from the dead and God sent the Holy Spirit to be with us. Our access gives us the ability gives us the ability to enter relationship with God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit (Luke 24 v 51; 1 Timothy 3 v 15). However, relationship is two-way where we enjoy heart engagement with each other. We have been brought up to do religion with God as opposed to relationship. Religion does not engage the hearts of each other.

Time has to be invested into relationships for you to get to know the person. For example, we spend time to get to know about the lives of our celebrities. Sometimes we read about them four times a day, we follow them on social media etc. How about we replace that with intentionally desiring to get to know Jesus, to read about Him, to get to know His ways and His Kingdom.

Another attribute of heart to heart relationship is the desire to communicate. The Bible says My sheep hear My voice (John 10 v 27). God desires to speak to us so we need to get used to listening. We are more used to speaking (in prayer) to God than listening to Him. When you listen, you get a sense of what is in Our Lord's Heart.

So there is a wholehearted devotion to seeking His Heart out that we need to do that will satisfy our vital necessity. There's a desperate need to spend time in His Presence, to worship Him and to receive His love, out of which we can love others.

God Almighty is the source of love. Trying to love others, without being connected, as a vital necessity to His heart of love, may result in certain challenges that occur in relationships.

Our minds must be renewed concerning the right standing that we have with God through Jesus. This is definitely not something we have earned or worked for. It is a free gift of God's grace, poured out on us. We have the choice to humbly accept it and appropriate it, then we can enter into the 'awe' of how good God is and how much we are loved by Him. We need to be grateful to our Awesome God to appreciate the daily miracle of waking up each morning in good health. We have never tried to calculate the cost of how much oxygen we consume but our loving Father makes it abundantly available.

The challenges we have at this time of Covid-19 lock down has stripped us of a lot that has distracted us from appreciating the 'awe' of God. We have taken so much for granted. We have in some cases partnered with a familiar spirit that reduces the miracle of who God is, and how created beings can relate in such a loving way with our Creator God. God asked Job where he was when He laid the foundation of the earth (Job 38 v 4) and by the time God had finished, Job said 'I have heard of You by the hearing of the ear but now my eye sees You' (Job 42 v 5). Job really got to appreciate the 'awe' of God in Job 38 - 42. It is important to read these Bible passages often as they will give us a better appreciation of the 'awe' of God.

It's important that we go into spending more time in His Presence, yielding our hearts to the Holy Spirit to teach us how to enter deeper into God's Heart, so that we may daily appreciate the 'awe' of God as He makes us become more like His Son, Jesus.

God bless us all.


Registration will open soon...

Information on how to register will be sent as soon as registration starts.

The dates and venues in the different cities are below:
  • Lagos: Friday, 5th & Saturday, 6th  June, 2020 at The Haven Event Centre, AVMCC Compound, Oba Akinjobi Way, GRA, Ikeja.
  • Abuja: Monday, 8th & Tuesday, 9th June, 2020 at the International Conference Centre, Central Area, Area 11, 900 Herbert Macaulay Way, Abuja.
  • Kaduna: Wednesday, 10th & Thursday, 11th June, 2020 at Proview Event Centre, 1 Gongola Road, Challawa Crescent, Barnawa, Kaduna.
  • Jos: Friday, 12th & Saturday, 13th June, 2020, Usiju Event Centre, 36A Secretariat Road, Jos.
A Call to Volunteer

Do something fun, make an impact, join us as we co-labour with God to Expand God's Kingdom in Lagos (5th & 6th of June), Abuja (8th & 9th of June), Kaduna (10th & 11th of June) & Jos (12th & 13th of June).

Click here to REGISTER:  http://bit.ly/KEC2020_VOLUNTEER

CALL or TEXT 07034371401; 09063901916 for more info. Thanks. #LapisLazuliKEC2020

Testimonies... Lives Transformed...
In this edition, we have a testimony from Barbara Timothy (Pash Tim). She is a member of the Abuja Kingdom Conference planning team.

As days rolled in, I couldn't but imagine how much work we needed to put together as Abuja planning committee. I was anxious to see the outcome of what we all had been working on for months. I'd been to previous conferences but this time it was different. This time, am fully in! I knew I had responsibilities as a member of different sub-teams and I was truly looking forward to standing up for it, I thought it would be hard!

It was finally time for the Abuja Kingdom Invasion Conference and like a dream, things turned out better than I anticipated. Participants turned up, volunteers who needed positions to fill in were available and asking for positions and members of each Sub-team I was part of turned out and co-operated adequately.

The most significant thing that happened to me was how quickly our Lord God spoke through our guest ministers and changed the beliefs of a friend I invited. He wasn't a believer at the time and everything I had to say about God just didn't appeal to him. I just kept telling him that God would make things plain someday! That day came through Lapis Lazuli and right now, he's burning for the Lord. I've been extremely excited because I just knew the Lord had plans for him.

Last year's conference actually equipped me with so much knowledge and confidence; I know better ways of approaching different people and even real life situations. I know better ways of talking to myself and better ways of approaching my everyday dealings.

One of the greatest things the lord also did for me was giving me the ability and inspiration to start writing again. It's been so hard getting inspired musically after my dad passed on to glory and I had been wondering if I'll ever write again. After serving at the conference last year, I got an urge to go by the Jabi Lake and just right there it happened! I wrote the song that is giving me way more than I thought I'd achieve musically after the long pause. Hold On is the title of the song and for three months after the release, it was Number one most played Gospel music on reverbnation. It granted me access to interviews on radio stations and blogs and we're working on a contract right now still on same song. Hallelujah!! God has been so faithful.

Am super happy to be part of this ministry and God willing, am aware this is just the beginning! Thanks to Mr. and Dr. Mrs. Bajomo for this great privilege of fellowship. God bless you all.

May the Lord continue to uphold and preserve us all.

God's blessings,

Femi and Mina Bajomo

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Prayer Requests

1. For the total eradication of the Covid-19 pandemic world wide.

2. For God to help us with all arrangements required to organise the Kingdom Expansion Conference 2020, and to bring forth unity in the churches like never before.

3. For God's Presence, a mighty outpouring of the Holy Spirit such that we have a mighty revival, and amazing healings, and creative miracles at the Kingdom Expansion Conference 2020.

4. For all that God wants to impart into the Guest Speakers for our Nation at this time.

5. For wisdom for our leaders in this Nation,as they make decisions about the recovery of the Nigerian economy.

6. Protection and safe return of Leah.

Calling Intercessors

We would like to ask Intercessors who have attended our Kingdom Conferences and would like to meet in your states to pray for the Nation and for Lapis, to please do so.

Please send contact details of your group to us - info@lapislazuliministries.org OR 07034371401.
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