School Readiness
Who needs'social-emotional' skills?
Every child, as a critical stepping stone to being 'school ready.'  
Before starting kindergarten it's important that a child has skills in self-confidence, trust, empathy and expressing emotions. This
ensures that the new student is ready to make friends, pay attention to the teacher, follow rules and wait patiently in the classroom.

United Way's Funded Partnership 'Building Blocks to Literacy' held classes for pre-school teachers this past year, focusing on learning how to develop  their own students' social-emotional skills.  295 teachers attended.

See how this connects with United Way's early reading goals: 'Connecting Social and Emotional Health with Literacy' >>
The 'Building Blocks to Literacy' Partnership is led by Wells Family Resource Center and provides early literacy initiatives throughout northeastern Nevada, reaching 1,008 parents and children across the region in 2015-16. 

Tips for Parents: 

Early reading success affects everyone in northern Nevada.  
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