Benefits of $400+ per Child who Receives Free or Reduced Meals during the School Year
Families who are eligible for free or reduced school meals will receive over $400 of SNAP credit per child enrolled in a federally approved school lunch program . KiwiKids is an approved program.
Children who have temporarily lost access to free or reduced price school meals due to the COVID-19 pandemic related school closures are eligible for Pandemic EBT (P-EBT) SNAP allotments equal to the daily reimbursement ($5.70) multiplied by the average number of school closure days in the month for each eligible child in the household. Learn more here .
Families can receive this credit even though they are still receiving the free daily meals currently offered by KiwiKids.
What is the Next Step?
  • If you already receive SNAP benefits: This money should have been already added to your account. If you did not receive these funds please email
  • If you do not usually receive SNAP benefits but are registered to receive free or reduced meals this school year from KiwiKids: please click here to sign up for temporary benefits and receive a card. Please click here to review the step by step instructions with screenshots of how to apply.
  • If you are eligible for free or reduced meals but have not to date been registered for KiwiKids in-school meal service: You can still sign up now and receive these benefits. Your child must attend a school with a KiwiKids lunch program option. Please email to register.
  • If you are not sure if you are eligible for free or reduced meals: please click here.
Chicago Menu- Tuesday May 26
Breakfast and Lunch
Cereal, Milk, Fruit,
Meal A: Knish, Chips, Salsa and Yogurt
Meal B: Falafel, Pita, Lettuce and Hummus
Meals are given at random. Thank you for your understanding in not requesting a specific meal.
We will try to send an email before every meal pickup but please be understanding if there are days that we do not.
Circle Chicago Shavuos Menu
Check out our delicious menu with pareve, milchig and fleshig options.
Order deadline Tuesday, May 26.
Circle Chicago has a wide variety of catering options including our very popular various Shabbos in a Box options. Check our our website to learn more and order.
Pickup Information
Pickup is available from 9:45-12:15 on Sunday through Friday from Yeshiva Ohr Boruch, 2828 W Pratt.
There is a delivery option for those in quarantine and if pickup is difficult. Please register for that by clicking here .
If you would like to collaborate with neighbors and have one family pick up meals for a few, please let us know by filling out this form for the Large Meal Pickup (more than 15 meals). T his will both help production run faster and smoother.
Kiw iKids is an equal opportunity provider serving over 10,000 free meals daily to children (18 and under) in Illinois and Michigan. We love to hear your feedback! Please reach out to us by replying to this email or give us a call at 773-765-7997.