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MAC Youth Edmonton, Instagram March 28, 2018
Welcome Message from the Executive Director
Message de Bienvenue du Directeur Général
Asalam Alaykum, Peace by with you,

As Ramadan comes upon us, we are excited to launch our first national newsletter. With the blessings of Allah, the Muslim Association of Canada started as a small pioneering organization serving the Muslim community in a few places nationwide. Two years ago, we celebrated our 20th anniversary - a proud moment of reflection for our community as it continues to leave its imprint on the social and economic development of this great country. We appreciate your support and engagement which helped forge MAC to be the largest grass-roots Muslim organization across Canada with recognizable presence in local communities.

This newsletter will be issued monthly and will highlight our programs, projects and achievements. It will serve as a platform where we share our mutual successes and inspire further collaboration. I want to take this opportunity to express our sincere gratitude to the community for continuously supporting our projects and investing money, time and effort. A survey is included at the end of the newsletter for feedback, as we're always open to your suggestions and ideas.

Finally, I pray that Allah (SWT) grants us the best of intentions and help us achieve all our Ramadan goals. However, let us achieve the best of our goals through consistent and collective efforts so we can finish Ramadan with a high state of faith and achievement. Let us work towards goals that will continue after Ramadan. 

May Allah (SWT) bless you all,

Sharaf Sharafeldin
Executive Director
Muslim Association of Canada
Asalam Alaykum, la paix est avec vous,

Alors que le ramadan arrive, nous sommes ravis de lancer notre premier bulletin national. Avec la bénédiction d'Allah, l'Association musulmane du Canada a commencé comme une petite organisation pionnière au service de la communauté musulmane dans quelques endroits du pays. Il y a deux ans, nous avons célébré notre 20ème anniversaire - un fier moment de réflexion pour notre communauté qui continue à laisser son empreinte sur le développement social et économique de ce grand pays. Nous apprécions votre soutien et votre engagement qui ont contribué à faire de MAC la plus grande organisation musulmane de base à travers le Canada avec une présence reconnaissable dans les communautés locales.

Ce bulletin sera publié mensuellement et mettra en lumière nos programmes, projets et réalisations. Il servira de plateforme où nous partagerons nos succès mutuels et inspirerons d'autres collaborations. Je profite de l'occasion pour exprimer notre sincère gratitude à la communauté pour son soutien continu à nos projets et pour avoir investi argent, temps et efforts. Un sondage est inclus à la fin du bulletin pour commentaires, car nous sommes toujours ouverts à vos suggestions et idées.

Enfin, je prie pour qu'Allah (SWT) nous accorde les meilleures intentions et nous aide à atteindre tous nos objectifs du Ramadan. Cependant, atteignons le meilleur de nos objectifs grâce à des efforts cohérents et collectifs afin que nous puissions terminer le Ramadan avec un haut niveau de foi et d'accomplissement. Travaillons à la réalisation d'objectifs qui se poursuivront après le Ramadan.

Qu'Allah (SWT) vous bénisse tous,

Sharaf Sharaf Sharafeldin
Directeur exécutif
Association musulmane du Canada
Mr. Sharafeldin is the Executive Director of MAC, he is one of the founding fathers of the organization, and has a passion for community growth, tarbiyah and development. He has obtained his Management's Executive MBA from the Telfer School of Management at the University of Ottawa.
Mr. Sharafeldin est le directeur exécutif de MAC, il est l'un des pères fondateurs de l'organisation, et il a une passion pour la croissance communautaire, tarbiyah et développement. Il a obtenu son MBA en gestion de l'École Telfer de l'Université d'Ottawa.
MAC Youth Edmonton, Instagram March, 18, 2018
The Muslim community in Canada is both old and new, with a rich history beginning as early as 1851 in Southern Ontario. Now Canadian Muslim are the second largest and fastest growing religious community in Canada doubling for the third-consecutive decade. While our community is growing to establish it's own presence in Canada, MAC actively builds partnerships with various religious, racial, ethnic, and age groups, recognizing the larger collective strength these relationships bring to all communities.

MAC focuses its programs, services, and infrastructure in three key areas: youth, education, and community capacity building. Through setup and on-going program arrangement, MAC delivers more than 90 weekly programs nationwide, giving back to more than 40,000 community members per week.

Today, MAC's roots run deep, and our reach across the country is wide. While we celebrate 20 years of community investment, we continue to plan on expanding robust networks, resilient social capital and more intellectual contributions to create a narrative for a future, healthy and prosperous Canadian Muslim identity, insha'Allah.

MAC has grown over the past two decades into the largest grass-roots Muslim organization with a national reach rooted in strong local presence. With 15 community centers, 7 full-time schools, 20 weekend schools, 4 child care centers, MAC serves around 40,000 community members weekly.

Click here to visit a MAC Center near you.
MAC Youth Edmonton, Instagram May, 27, 2018
Ramadan brings forth the spirit of sharing and caring, remarkable generosity, respect and giving preference to others. We keep in mind those less fortunate than us – whether they are the underprivileged, homeless, with a visible or invisible disability, or are struggling to establish themselves after being displaced from their home country. We happily donate money to worthy causes. The charity and generosity shared this month extends and strengthens human relationships.

During Ramadan it is customary for us to invite one another to break fast together around a shared table at home, and this single gesture is the hallmark of social gatherings during this special month. Likewise, MAC masajid and community hubs also host Iftar dinners for the entire community so neighbours pray together, recognize one another, reflect on our good fortune and remember The Most Gracious and Merciful in congregation. These community Iftars are designed to connect diverse people form all cultures and backgrounds who otherwise would not have met. The idea is to allow people to begin new friendships and experience the atmosphere of community and generosity that are charmingly displayed throughout Ramadan.

Ramadan is also a time to uplift every aspect of our being through the special worship both individually and communally so we can find the strength that we seek through the rest of the year, inshaAllah. It is also a time to find safety and love amongst one another and through our fast and worship through this month. 

Our National Newsletter launches beginning of Ramadan 1440, alhamdulillah. The MAC community is creating positive, and healthy impact by launching new programs in masajid across Canada. the various activities make it apparent that MAC is contributing to the health and development of Canadian Muslims from city to city. Here are a few Ramadan events happening near you:
MAC Noor Gardens
Join us on June 1st at the London Convention Centre for the annual MAC-Noor Gardens Fundraising Iftar. Open your fast with family and friends and pray maghrib & taraweeh on site. Dress code (optional) for the iftar is "Traditional/Cultural".

Al-Salam Centre
Iftar Night
This Ramadan, come along with your family and friends for a great Iftar night and spiritual talk to support Al-Salam Centre in paying off its loan, renovations, and expenses! We are honoured to have Sheikh Hacene Chebbani as our main guest speaker for this year's Iftar.

MAC Kitchener Masjid
Youth Qiyaam
O n Friday, May 3rd, 6:30PM at Kitchener Masjid. Attendees from ages 14-20 and please do not bring younger siblings. Costs include $8 for dinner. Students are invited to bring a dessert item to share. Dinner will be provided for students who have registered and paid. There is no sleep over for this event. All students must be picked up by midnight.

Sister's Youth Group of MAC Youth Mississauga is hosting a Ramadan Qiyam on Friday May 17th from 1130-430am. Girls between Grade 8-12 are invited to attend a night of reflection, growth and experience heartfelt connection with one another. There is no prior registration, please drop by with your friends.

MAC Youth Edmonton
Ramadan at the Beach
Potluck, People, Park, and Prayers.
MAC Youth Edmonton would be honoured to host you and your families to open fast together under the beautiful skies of Elk Island National Park on Saturday, May 25. We will cap the night off with suhoor (morning meal) and Fajr (morning) prayer inshallah (God willing).

Ramadan Iftar
Le mois béni de Ramadan est à nos portes! Si tu veux profiter pleinement de ce mois pour être au meilleur de ta foi et au top de ta forme physique, cette occasion est à saisir. Une série de 3 conférences sous les thèmes de la spiritualité, de la nutrition et du sport seront présentées. Sans oublier que le programme sera clôturé par un succulent BBQ en compagnie de tes frères et soeurs en Islam, c'est donc à ne pas manquer. Pour participer:
1.Remplir le Google Form
2. Payer votre place le jour de l'évènement (5$)
Au plaisir de vous y voir In shaAllah!

MAC in the News highlights press coverage of MAC projects, initiatives and events. It is no surprise our institutions and community members are recognized as respected community members and opinion leaders on significant matters.
Finding Safety and Solidarity at Home Post
Christ Church Shooting
The Christ Church aftermath is a recent example where MAC masajid and leaders are interviewed to explain how the Canadian Muslim community is affected by violent extremism. Masjid Toronto director Dr. El Tantawy Attia along with Kitchener Masjid manager Mirsad Kaplani provided interviews explaining the Muslim community's sentiments of feeling safe but remaining vigilant post attacks. Links included below.
Réactions de la communauté musulmane de l’Ontario à la fusillade de Christchurch
Le Dr El Tantawy Attia, directeur de l’association communautaire Toronto Masjid, a d’abord souhaité transmettre un message à sa communauté : Ne cédez pas à la panique, ne vous inquiétez pas, nous sommes en sécurité ici au Canada, nous sommes en sécurité ici à la mosquée, nous le sommes depuis des années... continue reading

MAC Kitchener Waterloo Community Response
"We feel very safe. Our region is very safe so far. We've never had any issue or poblem," said Mirsad Kaplani, manager of the Kitchener Masjid. He said police had stepped up patrols in the area and at the noon prayers Friday, an officer and Chief Bryan Larkin were in attendance... continue reading
Waterloo Region Leaders Pledge Support after New Zealand Mosque Attacks
An interfaith vigil at Kitchener city hall hopes to show support for victims and survivors of attacks at two mosques in New Zealand. The vigil was slated for 6-7:30 p.m. Friday night.There were 49 people killed and another 48 injured after shootings at two mosques in Christchurch during Friday prayers...
Community Vigil Planned in Waterloo Region Friday as horrified Muslims react to mass shooting
Asif Manzoor was reminded right away of the  mass shooting in Quebec City  where a gunman killed six Muslim worshippers in 2017.
"It was heart-wrenching," said Manzoor, head of the local chapter of the  Muslim Association of Canada . It chilled him to learn details about how the New Zealand attack was carefully planned and broadcast... continue reading
Ring of Peace organized
by Our 'Brothercousins'
A week after the New Zealand shooting, the Jewish community arranged a Ring of Peace for masajids around the Greater Toronto Area. This thoughtful and touching gesture of solidarity was well received by all. Masjid Toronto Imam Wael Shehab spoke with our Jewish Brothers and Sisters, invited them into the masjid and served them with warm beverages to discuss our commonalities as faith allies. Visit links below for the full stories.
A Ring of Peace Becomes Much More
I took part in the Ring of Peace last Friday with my synagogue not because I’m political. I’m not. I didn’t go because I’m a journalist, as I might have in the past to cover a story. I just felt it was important to be there. And then I felt the urge to write about it, because the experience was exceptional in two different ways... continue reading
'Rings of peace' formed around GTA mosques
one week after N.Z. attack
“Friday is the Muslim Sabbath, a day of special prayers, so we want to come out and show our support and solidarity for our Muslim brothers and sisters,” Rabbi Ed Elkin, the rabbi of First Narayever Congregation, said. “We feel as a minority religious group that there is a rise in hatred ... continue reading
MAC Youth Edmonton, Instagram March, 20, 2018
MAC has numerous facilities and projects in the works; this section will highlight the work we are accomplishing so far as well as a featured cause you can read and learn more about every month.

MAC is committed to the premise that stronger communities are built when people living in those communicates can interact and participate in quality programs that meet their social, spiritual, cultural and recreational needs. Community spaces are designed to welcome children and adults from different walks of life connecting them with their broader communities though programs, attending services and volunteering with local initiatives.

MAC continues to invest in renovation projects across many chapters: A portion of your donations is being invested to upgrade and expand community centers and schools to ensure improved usability and increase functionality. This is all possible because of generous donations by community members like you. You can donate though the link provided below, thank you.
Calgary Bridgeland School & Musallah Fundraiser
Join us with your family and friends this Ramadan for a great Iftar night and spiritual talk to support the opening of the Bridgeland MAC Islamic School and Musallah in Calgary. We are honoured to have Sheikh Abdulsattar Charkie as the main guest speaker for this year's Iftar. Visit the the Facebook event page for more details.
We are hard at work nationally to provide programs, services and support to the communities we serve. This section highlights important and exciting national updates and programs. Our recent announcement is an educational program called MAC E-Learning that will focus on tarbiyah presented by Islamic scholars. The first series releases during Ramadan and will have a Spiritual focus specifically on strengthening our relationship with Allah. The E-learning class along with a description is below.
Ramadan is a perfect chance to begin on the journey towards true change in ourselves, and to ascend in the levels of conciseness and awareness. Journey to God is a MAC E-Leaning educational course, designed to focus on the heart's relationship with the Divine Creator. The episodes are meant to create a ‘journey’—a journey for God, with God, and to God as a spiritual experience. Throughout our journey, we will learn mannerisms with God, and will learn to improve our character so that we are best able to be of service for the sake of God.

The series is taught by Professor Jasser Auda, a scholar of Islamic thought, He has a PhD in the philosophy of Islamic law from the University of Wales, UK, and a PhD in systems analysis from the University of Waterloo, Canada. He is the President of Maqasid Institute Global, a Visiting Professor at the Centre for the Study of Islam at Carleton University, Canada, and Al-Shatibi Chair for Maqasid Studies at the International Peace University in South Africa.

We hope you join us this Ramadan on this inward journey to find a true and lasting connection with The Most Gracious and Merciful.
MAC leaders and staff hail from various backgrounds and areas of expertise and we are proud to have such a diverse, earnest and dedicated group of individuals all investing their time and energy to ensure our masajid, schools, community hubs, students, staff, and volunteers come together and work harmoniously. 

In each edition, one MAC Champion will be featured in this spotlight. You will get to know about them, their work at MAC, what drives them and how they contribute back by serving their communities. For our first edition we have Sr. Rania Lawendy who is a powerhouse all on her own!
Rania Lawendy

Has a Masters in Educational Leadership. She is a second generation Canadian Muslim married with four children. She is currently serving on our National Executive Council. She is one of the founders of the Kitchener Masjid, Islamic Centre of Waterloo, Masjid Aisha and Al Huda Weekend School. Currently, she is the principal of MAC Maple Grove School as well as the Chaplain at University of Waterloo. Recently, she was awarded the Inspiring Leadership Award in Kitchener Waterloo presented by the Honourable Bardish Chagger. A few words from Rania:
Nationwide Eid Festivals
The Muslim Association of Canada’s Eid prayers are among the largest established Muslim community events in our various chapters nationwide.

MAC Eid Festivals have become an Eid tradition celebrated by generations of Muslim Canadian households across Canada.

MAC Outdoor Eid in Scarborough, June 14, 2018
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