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Christmas at the GGC | Olive Press | Welcome Back, Claude
Cash Gifts Come with Lesson in Banking
With their Christmas gifts this year, the kids at the Glory Glory Center are getting a lesson in money management.

In early December, a couple from Newport Beach traveled to Haiti to meet with Pastor Samuel to learn more about his vision for the future. As many do when they first visit the Center, they imagined filling the place with toys, bikes, and books for the children to enjoy. But then, they had another idea. What if each of the children was to receive a cash gift with which they could do whatever they wanted? They knew some would want to spend it, some might save it, and some might do a little of both! So together with Sam, they came up with a plan to gift each child a sum of money.

This money is "banked" with Sam until needed for whatever the child wants...no strings attached! When a child wants to access his/her money, all he/she needs to do is take the "savings book" that came with the money to Sam to make a "withdrawal". In this way, the kids will learn the basics of banking.

This couple extended cash gifts to everyone at the Glory Glory Center, including house moms and staff, and sent money to Sam to replace the sinks in one of the dorms and to add full-length mirrors to all dorms for a very merry Christmas.
One Olive Press, Sold!
Seven years ago, a commercial olive press was purchased with the hopes of creating financial sustainability for a children's home in Mexico. Due to unexpected circumstances, the olive press never made it to Mexico...but, by the grace of God, was sold recently to support Pastor Samuel's vision for Collège Lumiere in Torbeck, Haiti. Read more
Welcome Back, Claude!
We're glad to report that Claude, one of the boys at the Glory Glory Center is back at home after a week in the hospital with an intestinal perforation leading to acute peritonitis. Though he's not back to his old self quite yet, he soon will be under the watchful post-op care of Miss Michaelle. Special thanks to our friends at Evolution Haiti for making his surgery and extended hospital stay possible.
Creole Phrase of the Month
Bonn Ane!
Happy New Year!
Pray for Pastor Sam, the children living in the Glory Glory Center, the wellbeing of the people of Torbeck, and that God guide Haiti’s government leaders to make wise choices.

Pray for the teachers and staff of Mariners Christian School who will visit Pastor Sam and the Glory Glory Center in February.
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