New! Welding Level 1
Credential Training
New! Welding Level 1 Credential Training
FastForward Tuition Assistance available for eligible students
This new 6-week course concentrates on Shielded Metal Arc Welding and upon successful completion students will take exams to receive two AWS (American Welding Society) credentials.
The first class meeting will be held at the FredCAT Center in Central Park to utilize the Virtual Welding equipment on site. The remaining five classes will be held at the Carver Center in Rapidan, Virginia.

Tuition Assistance is available to eligible students. For questions or to learn more please contact us today at (540) 937-2915.

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Median Wage - $21.84 an hour/$45,430 a year
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Program Details:

July 20 - August 24| Saturdays | 9AM-4PM | FredCAT (1st class) - Carver Center (5 remaining classes)

*FastForward Tuition Assistance will reduce course tuition to $600 for eligible students.