New Beginner Skate Classes
Every Tuesday, 9:15am
Photo by Scott Rokis
In addition to our regular $70 adult group skate lesson, we've added a new beginner skate class every Tuesday at 9:15am for only $44.
  • Learn and practice V1, V2, and single stick 
  • Efficient pole techniques
  • Correct body position
  • The importance of rhythm and balance
  • How to glide and turn
  • How to ski downhill
  • Take-home techniques to practice
$44 gets you 1 day pass, 1-hour group lesson, and 1 ski gear rental for the day. Become a more  confidence skate skier with this killer mid-week deal! It's drop-in only, so we'll see you Tuesday.

There's still 1 month until the Great Ski Race...plenty of time to learn new tips!
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TCCSEA youth programs are made possible by your generous donations.

Our mission is to promote a healthy, outdoor-oriented lifestyle for children and adults through education, cross-country skiing, and other self-powered recreation.
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