February 2020
I have the honor of serving as the new Creation Justice Advocate at Ecumenical Ministries of Oregon (EMO). I am excited to begin working with people of faith from all over Oregon toward caring for God’s creation in ways that lead toward justice and reconciliation with people and the land.
I’ll tell you a little bit about myself. I have been working at Portland Seminary of George Fox University since 2011, teaching in their Creation Care Program since 2014. I grew up in Oregon and am a recorded Quaker minister, with an MDiv from Princeton Theological Seminary. I also hold an M.S. in environmental studies from Antioch University New England and am a Ph.D. candidate there as well. I’ve spent most of my life in the Willamette Valley. In the 2018–2019 school year, I lived outside of Ashland in the Cascade-Siskiyou National Monument as a visiting professor of environmental studies at a small off campus study program called the Oregon Extension.
My research and my passion focuses on the nexus of faith communities, the environment, and social justice, and so this job as EMO’s Creation Justice Advocate is exactly where I feel called to be.
In the next few months, I have two goals: (1) help EMO’s Public Policy Director Britt Conroy as we advocate for the passage of strong environmental regulation in this year’s Legislative Session, and (2) get to know you all.

I would love to hear from each of you who receive this newsletter! You can write me a few lines ( cbock@emoregon.org ) about where you are in the state, what you’re working on, and how EMO can be supportive of your work related to climate justice, or you may schedule a time to meet with me in person or by phone/video chat. And feel free to forward this enewsletter to others in your network (they may also sign up using our subscription form ).
Thank you, and I look forward to collaborating with you in this important work!
Cherice Bock
Creation Justice Advocate
(503) 221-1054, ext. 228
Legislative Alert: Support Senate Bill 1530
Senate Bill 1530 is aimed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and declare a climate emergency; this bill replaces HB 2020 (which failed in last year’s Legislative Session).

EMO urges support for this bill, and we encourage you to contact your senators with a voice of faith-based support for strong climate change legislation that takes into account the impact of pollution and other environmental issues on front-line communities.
Upcoming Events
To learn more about upcoming EMO and faith community events, visit our Event Calendar . If you would like to submit an event for our website, please fill out our online Event Form .
Join us next week for Oregon Climate Emergency Day of Action!
February 11, 12 - 3:30 pm @ the Oregon State Capitol in Salem.
If you show up for one action on climate legislation in 2020, make it this one. EMO will join Renew Oregon with a rally from 12 to 1:30 p.m. Following the rally, EMO will be coordinating people of faith to meet with legislators to talk about care for creation in general, and SB 1530, the bill before the Oregon Senate related to environmental policy. RSVP Now !
Public Witness in the Pews: Climate Justice
Your commitment to social justice is long-standing. With this shared value in mind, EMO invites you and your congregation to participate in Public Witness in the Pews during Oregon’s 2020 Legislative Session, which began this week and runs through March 8.
We urge congregations to utilize the Climate Justice bulletin insert this month to engage your congregation in reflection and action.
In addition to the Climate Justice bulletin insert , engage with Public Witness in the Pews 2020 in these ways (or view invitation letter to faith communities ):
  • Invite your congregation to the February 11 Climate Day of Action at the State Capitol (more details in the Upcoming Events section above).
  • Place a paragraph in your worship bulletin each week through the end of the Legislative Session, where your congregation can read an EMO advocacy update and learn about advocacy-related events.
  • Host a “Public Witness in the Pews” Sabbath with worship, preaching and teaching focused around faithful public witness.
  • Include information in your denominational newsletters.
Be on the lookout for emails about other bulletin inserts, and contact Britt Conroy, EMO Director of Public Policy Advocacy, at bconroy@emoregon.org for more information.
Ecumenical Ministries of Oregon
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