Alternative Strategies:
Smart Portfolio Construction &
The Benefits of Diversification

A Spring Series of Webinars on Fridays in March, April & May 2021
Replacing Our 6th Annual Austin Conference
Friday, May 7, 11am-12pm EDT

Optimize Structuring & Operating Alpha: 
How to Customize an Emerging Manager Program
While many institutional investors increasingly rely on managed account platforms to provide increased control, transparency, and customization to manage investment and operational risk, some asset owners take a different approach to try to achieve similar goals. The importance of alignment of interests, due diligence, reduced fees, right-sized operational expenditures, and flexibility requires superior technology and expertise, and these components continue to be critical to the GP/LP relationship. 

Join us for a dynamic discussion on the different ways institutional allocators are creating optimal solutions for investing in emerging asset managers.
Yan Kvitko, CFA
Senior Portfolio Manager
Head of Emerging Manager Investing:
External Portfolio Management
CPP Investments
Daniel MacDonald, CFA
Head of Advisory & Pensions
Middlemark Partners

Jonathan Planté, CAIA
Business Development
Innocap Investment Management
Moderated by:
Joshua Leonardi
U.S. Head of Capital Introduction TD Securities