I am excited to share a new program enhancement for men who need extra clinical support to make the transition to sober living.

Beginning August 1, Next Step Recovery residents will have the opportunity to participate in our new intensive outpatient program (IOP). Our 12-week program provides intensive therapeutic support through weekly 3-hour group sessions, individual counseling and a deep dive into the 12-step model. An IOP can be especially helpful for men coming directly from inpatient treatment and for those with a history of relapse.

What’s best of all is that the support doesn’t end when the IOP does! Our residents continue to strengthen their recovery through daily 12-step work, individual case management, counseling, relapse prevention education and life skills training that promote success during the critical first year when the relapse risk is greatest.

I encourage you to explore our newsletter to learn more about our programs then contact me to take the next step!

All my best,

Susan Stader, MS, LPC, LCAS, CCS-I 
Phone: 828-350-9960

Our new Intensive Outpatient Program provides the perfect transition to sober living for those who have just completed inpatient treatment, are new to recovery or who have struggled with multiple relapses. Our unique IOP features include neurofeedback, equine and wilderness therapies, and trauma resiliency training.

Next Step Recovery is pleased to welcome Margie Allison, MSW, LCSW, LCAS, and Sandy Newes, PhD, to our recovery team. Along with our fabulous Terry Streeter, CSAC, Margie and Sandy will provide clients in our intensive outpatient program with a wealth of recovery tools and strategies for staying sober.

Our program has, at its core, the ideals of personal transformation and recovery through community, structure, and the development of life-long practices which sustain and grow a healthy and whole life of sobriety. Our program is proof that freedom from addiction is not only possible, it’s happening now, right here in the mountains of Western North Carolina.

"There are a thousand reasons why I would recommend next step to someone who is looking for help. The most important reason to me is that the staff at next step is there to help you and they truly want to see people succeed. I still have a great relationship with the staff and I left there a year ago. I thought next step was just going to be a place to rest my head at night but with all the help they offered me I made life changing decision with the help of the program. Next step will always be apart of my recovery and I will never forget who I was when I came there and how much better of a person I was when I left."
- C.D., a former Next Step resident