NEECA News -- October, 2020
We are pleased to announce that we are very near completion of the new "Join Up" Trail at NEECA! This ~half mile trail will start near the old entrance, travel behind the equipment shed and gravel pit, and come out on the dirt road leading up to the Confidence Course. Please note that, as of the writing of this article, the trail is nearly completed but has a steep hill that we will need to make some improvements to for safety. So we do not consider that trail open to members at this time, but will notify everyone when it is. Pictured to the right, trail workers: Sue Ellen Mowcomber, Margo Petracone, Charlie Chase, Debbie Martin and (taking a well deserved nap), Caroline Mansfield. Pam DeGregorio was behind the camera taking the pic.
Debbie Martin brought her chainsaw along and made short work of some of the downed trees and branches obstructing the trail. Honestly, have you EVER seen anyone so happy using a chainsaw??
Pam DeGregorio, Debbie Martin and Margo Petracone got to put our new Gator to work bringing both their hardworking selves, and supplies, to the trail head to begin work clearing the new trail.
NEECA Face Masks For Sale
If we have to wear face masks for awhile longer, we may as well look stylish and show our support for NEECA at the same time, right? We have ordered some custom made face masks with the NEECA logo on them in both adult and children sizes. The masks are two layers, with cotton layer on the inside, but do not have a filter. The cost is $10.00/mask. If you're interested in purchasing one, please contact Frank at
Susan Harris Clinic Update
We have had to cancel so many events this year so we were extra pleased that Susan Harris was willing to come out and do a clinic for us earlier this month. We had 12 riders working with Susan in private and semi-lessons over a 2 day period. As usual, everyone learned something, everyone had a good time, and the clinic generated over $400 in profit for NEECA.

A special thanks to Robin Hinton of Windswept Farm in Petersham for hosting this event again this year at her lovely farm!

Pictured left top: Tracy Roettiger and Sue Taylor stop for a "photo op" after a very successful session with Susan. Pic below shows Robin Hinton and Susan catching up. This is the SIXTEENTH clinic NEECA has hosted with Susan so they're old friends at this point.
Did you know that NEECA will be celebrating its 20th Anniversary next year?? Boy, time does fly when you're having fun. Stay tuned for some special things we've got planned in 2021 (COVID permitting of course) to celebrate this special milestone.
Gymkhana Awards Presented on Nov. 7th
For the past number of years NEECA Board Member, Frank Whitney, has organized a 7 event Gymkhana series from April through October (weather permitting of course). Thanks to Frank's hard work the Gymkhana Series has grown steadily in attendance over the years, and has become one of NEECA's most popular events.

Normally we recognize the Division Winners of the Gymkhanas at our Fall Social every year, but since that is cancelled this year Frank is going to hand out the awards at Noon on Nov. 7th at the Elwin Bacon Day. Please contact Frank at if you have any questions.
"Which Way Do We Go From Here"????
An oft-asked question, right? Well, now we've got the answer! We have been hard at work this year putting together a trail map so that NEECA park users will be able to navigate efficiently through the trail system. We were waiting for the new Join Up Trail to be completed so that we could include it on the map. Trails on map will be color coded to the markers on the corresponding trails. We will be installing weather proof brochure holders up at the park that will have trail maps in them for park users to take. Plans are for this to be in place at the start of new year's riding season!
"The mission of NEECA is to preserve and protect land for equine interests while promoting good horsemanship and educating equestrians for the betterment of the horse now, and for the generations to follow."