Dear Way of Nature Community,   

This month we continue with our two new series of summer online programs -  Core Teachings series and Advanced Training series - with even more advanced training offerings. These series will be expanded and continue on through the fall.

Each series is designed to guide you through the interweaving matrix of Way of Nature teachings in a natural flow and order; each new class will add depth to what has gone before, previous classes will add breath and insight to each new class.  The Core Teachings series will introduce you to the fundamental teachings at the heart of Way of Nature. The Advanced Training Series will deepen and build on the core teachings, bringing you into deeper union and harmony with all of Nature - inner, outer and True (Source) Nature

The summer Core Teachings series continues this month with: 
  • The 6 Empowerments - the cornerstones that greatly contain and support spiritual growth and deepening.

The summer Advanced Training Series continues this month with:
  • An experiential 3-part introduction to the 7 Emotional Transformations. These are unique and powerful tools for embracing, transforming and transmuting physical, emotional, energetic, karmic and ancestral blockages or shadows.. 
  • Addressing Ego blockages - an experiential introduction to addressing fundamental ego blockages at the core of all humans.
  • Deep Listening and Sensing - a two part series going deeply into the  many levels of refinement and awareness.
At the end of June we launched our first monthly "Natureside Chat"!
In this monthly series John will be joined by friends, colleagues and students as they explore key topics about the environment, leadership and the importance of cultivating a deep connection with Nature. 

May you realize Source, and enjoy dancing in the Primordial Flow.....

Big energetic hug,
John P Milton & Way of Nature

Upcoming Online Classes

See some classes you'd like to take but can't make? No worries! All online classes will be recorded and the recordings will be made available to class participants after the class. So follow your heart & register for classes now!

July Online Clas ses

* All classes held at 12:00 - 2:00 PM MDT

Core Teachings Series Courses: 

July  9: The 6 Empowerments

Advanced Training Series Courses:


Available June Online Class Recordings

Missed a class you wanted to take? The June online class recordings are available, contact Sandy at to purchase.


Want to Catch Up? Here are some past free Core Teachings Classes you can watch anytime:

Principles 3 & 4: Relaxation and Presence

Natureside Chat

Featuring Göran Gennvi & John P Milton

In this new monthly series John will be joined by friends, colleagues and students as they explore key topics about the environment, leadership and the importance of cultivating a deep connection with Nature.

This first Natureside Chat features Göran Gennvi, founder of Nature Academy in Sweden and Way of Nature Sweden. John P Milton and Göran dialogue together on Nature Connection processes and their work together at Sweden's famous Tällberg Forum. These yearly forums, attended by as many as 2,000 world leaders, focused on climate change damage, environmental sustainability and explored how to live together in a more peaceful and harmonious way.

(this link brings you to all of our podcasts!)

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Our COVID19 Response - Updated!

In response to the COVID19 outbreak, out of deep concern for all of our health, we have cancelled all of our 2020 summer European programs. The April Arizona Sacred Passage will be rescheduled to late November (exact dates TBD). The July Crestone Sacred Passage has been

REVISED: August Reconnecting with the 3 Natures Advanced Training
The August advanced training will now be offered in two parts:
  • Part 1: ONLINE Retreat: August 1-9 10am - 3pm MDT. This will focus on the second half of the Shadow Work.
  • Part 2: LIVE Retreat: TBD - 1 week in winter/spring 2021 in Baja, MX or Crestone CO, scheduling determined by COVID situation. This will focus on the introduction to the direct pointing out of Source. 
Please visit our website for more information on this program.

Due to the uncertainty of these times, and various "stay at home" mandates, we will be making decisions on whether a particular program will be held or cancelled a month before the program is scheduled to start, and we will be informing those who've registered of our decision. We suggest you hold off on making your travel plans for our summer programs until then.

May you and your loved ones all remain healthy and safe during these changing times..  Let us each hold all of us in our hearts as we connect in deep love and gratitude with all of Nature, for the benefit of all Beings..

John's Latest Book:

Cultivating Natural Liberation:
Teachings on reconnecting with the 3 Natures, Volume 1
by John P. Milton

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May you realize Source, and enjoy dancing in the Primordial Flow.....

~John P. Milton and Way of Nature