January 2018
Updated Map Shows Schools Reporting Farm to School Projects

Schools across Texas are taking part in farm to school projects as part of TDA's Farm Fresh Initiative. The recently updated TDA Map of Farm Fresh Projects  now  includes farm to school activities reported in TDA's 2016 statewide survey. Examples of projects on the map include purchasing local products to incorporate into school meals, offering garden-based learning activities, providing field trips and opportunities for students to taste test local foods.

Put Your Project on the Map!  
If your farm to school project isn't currently featured on the TDA Map of Farm Fresh Projects, please contact us at  FarmFresh@TexasAgriculture.gov and share how your school district helps connect children to Texas agriculture. Recognition of your farm to school projects can energize your efforts and strengthen farm to school efforts statewide.

Farm to School Spotlight
School Garden Funding Available

Schools across the country have an opportunity to be awarded cash prizes they can use to develop gardens that help students engage in physical activities and cultivate healthy eating habits.
Possible prizes in the Get out and Grow School Garden Sweepstakes include:
  • Gold: $15,000 cash award for a school garden and a visit from a Team USA Athlete
  • Silver: $5,000 cash award for a school garden
  • Bronze: $500 cash award for a school garden - awarded to 20 schools
The sweepstakes is open to all school administrators or food service directors of K-12 schools. Parents and community members in Texas are encouraged to share this opportunity with their schools to encourage them to enter. The deadline to enter is March 11, 2018.
To enter, complete the online form on GrowWithSmuckers.com

Farm to Child Care Spotlight
Multicultural Recipes for Child Care Centers, Family Day Homes & Adult Daycare Centers
This TDA cookbook contains recipes featuring foods that reflect the cultural diversity of the Lone Star State. Children and adults have tested and approved these delicious and healthy recipes. Look for the Texas icon for ingredients commonly grown in Texas. 

Contact TDA
Emilee Case
Coordinator for Farm Fresh Projects

Beatrice Watson
Farm Fresh Specialist

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Connect with Others
Texas Statewide Network
This LinkedIn Group is an online network connecting schools, child and adult care centers, producers, support organizations and community members with important information about expanding local food efforts in Texas.
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Texas Farm Fresh Network
Use this tool to connect with Texas food companies that currently sell or are interested in selling to schools, child care centers and summer meal programs. Company listings include contact information, product availability and distribution radius.
Funding Opportunities
Financial support from organizations may help establish or advance local Farm Fresh initiatives.
Go here  for a list of opportunities from TDA, USDA and other organizations.