October 2017
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We're very excited to announce that our newest product, the  Juice Plus+® Omega Blend, will be available by the end of October.
Our First New Capsule Product in 15 Years!

As part of our mission to inspire healthy living around the world, we are pleased to introduce our newest Juice Plus+® capsule blend: Juice Plus+® Omega Blend .

Juice Plus+® Omega Blend takes omega supplements to a whole new, whole food level. Our omega product is a balanced blend of omega fatty acids - not just omega 3, but also omega 5, 6, 7 and 9. Our omegas are a naturally balanced, 100% plant-based blend of multiple omegas, all in a convenient capsule form (we bypass the "middle-fish" entirely!)
Is Gluten-Free a Fad?

gluten free
Do you know someone who steers clear of gluten? There is
 growing evidence that severe gluten sensitivities exist outside the realm of coeliac disease. And researchers simply don't know how many of the people following a gluten-free diet may actually have a legitimate health complaint - as opposed to a baseless fear of all things gluten, or a misplaced desire to lose weight. 
With the introduction of a new Juice Plus+ product, now is the perfect time to remind you that ALL of our products are gluten-free (and non-dairy and vegan)!
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If you're reading this newsletter, you are interested in achieving optimal health, right? Did you know that we are constantly bringing excellent education to you via video? Check our our Healthy Living Revolution page where several medical professionals share their knowledge and expertise on a variety of health topics.
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Rachel Smartt
Rachel Smartt, Naturopathic Doctor
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