Women Transforming Sonoma County Through Collective Philanthropy            February/March 2016
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 President's Message
  As I write this update, our grant-making process is in full  
 swing. Every day I feel it is such a gift to meet and work with
 so many talented, energetic women. I knew that meeting
 other women in our community would be one benefit of
 creating Impact100 RC, but I underestimated how gratifying
 this aspect of our new organization would be!
 I want to express my deep appreciation for all the work our 
 committee and Leadership Team volunteers have 
 undertaken. In particular, the Grant Committee has devoted
 hundreds - or more likely, thousands - of hours to creating a
 detailed, professional process. We can all have great
 confidence that any nonprofit recommended for our year-end
 grant award will be thoroughly vetted and worthy of our
 If you're still wondering how to get involved, be sure to check
 out the "Help Wanted" column. Thank you for being a part of
 our "Pioneer Year"!

In This Issue
MembershipUpcoming Events
Membership Meeting
 * March 2, 5:00-7:00 -
   Scottish Rite Center; in
   addition to all members,  
   we can accommodate up
   to 20 guests

House Parties
 * March 16, 5:30-7:30
   Rincon Valley/St. Francis
   area; 11 guests & members

 * March 24, 3:00-5:00  
   Oakmont area; 14 guests
   & members maximum

Grants Award Meeting
 * May 21, 1:00-4:00 -
   Scottish Rite Center
RSVP to events by clicking here:  Email Impact100

Grants Committee Chooses 10 Finalists
The Grant Committee has identified the organizations that have been invited to move into the next phase of the grant process by submitting a Full Proposal Application (FPA) available by February 22, 2016 and hosting a site visit in April 2016.  The 10 are (alpha order):

Membership is Growing Strong!
Upcoming House Parties
Our membership now stands at 139 people involved
in 127 memberships.  To continue this momentum, we have reached out to members to host house parties and will expand recruitment efforts in Petaluma, Healdsburg/Windsor and west county. We welcome suggestions from anyone with contacts, as well as members who would like to join our small committee. In addition to recruitment, we are exploring member retention ideas from our sister chapter in Sonoma Valley.

Please invite your friends to learn about Impact100 at our upcoming house parties and membership meeting (see upcoming events).

Recent Member Survey
Sixty-six women completed our member survey; here are the highlights:
  • 86% said their motivation for joining is to have an impact in the community 
  • 41% said meeting like-minded women is very important
  • 49% were recruited by a friend
  • 11% attended a house party
Meeting frequency/availability: Most members wish to meet 3 times/year and prefer afternoon/early evenings and weekdays for meetings. Our members represent a wide variety of professions: education, healthcare, non-profit management, human resources, marketing, law, real estate , financial planning and public service. 22 members are volunteers in the community, and 15 serve on non-profit boards. 
For more information on our member survey, located in the members section of the Impact100 website
Events & Education
We are busy preparing for the upcoming March 2, membership meeting.  This will be a very special evening as a limited number of prospects will be invited to participate in the entire meeting.  And while the meeting will focus heavily on the ratification and process for the annual grant, there will be ample time to get to know one another.  Please stay tuned for the final agenda that will be emailed under separate cover.
"Collaboration" will be a key aspect of the meeting where we are building on the member-provided food concept that was used at the January meeting.  We are asking members to bring bite-sized appetizers or contribute a small cash contribution.  Please stay tuned for further direction in this regard.  PS:  Wine will be provided!
Talented volunteers, amateur photographers and seasoned computer and video technicians are needed for our upcoming events.  Please go to the "Help Wanted" section of this newsletter for specific needs.  
From each and everyone on the E&E team, we extend a huge thank you to MEMBERS  for your enthusiastic support and participation.  Your feedback has been critical in the incremental improvement of each and every meeting experience.   
Marketing Gets the Word Out
The Marketing Committee is busy getting the word out on how we are IMPACTing the community!

Our ever-improving Website was recently updated with richer content and simpler navigation. Our Facebook Page  is up-and-running and recently our visibility grew over 40% thru more likes and 700% by people SHARING our links. In addition to publishing this inaugural issue of the Redwood Circle Communique Newsletter, the marketing committee is also putting together a Sponsorship Program to generate support from local businesses.
Education & Events Commitee:
Volunteer Greeters for March 2 & May 21 Grant Award Meeting
Greet and direct members and guests to meeting room(s) and unload/reload light-weight equipment, office supplies, decor, food, etc.  Ideal volunteers must be 21 years or older and they must their own transportation to and from venue.  Hours: March 2 3:00-7:00 pm;  May 7, 11:00-4:00 pm.
Volunteer Photographer for March 2 Membership Meeting
Capture key moments during meeting.  Pro-bono or heavily discounted amateur and/or professional photographer must bring their own camera and possess ability to download and forward jpegs for use in website, eNewsletter and social media platforms.  Hours: 4:30-7:00 pm.
Computer Technician for May 21 Grant Award Meeting
Project three finalists Power Point presentations. Pro-bono or heavily discounted advanced amateur and/or professional computer technician must bring their own laptop and sign confidentiality agreement.  Hours: 12:00-4:00 p.m.
Videographer for May 21 Grant Award Meeting.   
Record historical moments during the inaugural grant award.  Pro-bono or heavily discounted advanced amateur and/or professional videographer must bring their own video recording equipment and be capable of editing short clips for use on website and social media platforms.  Hours: 12:00-4:00 pm.

All events will be held at the Scottish Rite & Masonic Center in Santa Rosa.  If you know of talented individuals who would enjoy or benefit by assisting Impact 100 Redwood Circle, please forward their contact information to Event & Education Co-Chairs:  Gayle Holste or Sharon Robison