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Yes, there is a new "vital sign" in mainstream medicine and it is currently being used (with great success)  by a handful of enlightened physicians around the globe. And that "handful" is beginning to grow quickly--as doctors who are fed up with "managing disease" are embracing this simple tool that aids them in promoting vibrant health instead. 

The CDC estimates that poor diet is as harmful to health as is smoking. Yet, while smoking status is routinely assessed at every patient visit, evaluation of dietary health is neglected because a quick tool to assess its status has been lacking. Until NOW.

You see, when a doctor asks a patient to take our 2-minute 4Leaf Survey, he/she has engaged that patient in the process of taking charge of their own health. Not only can that patient see exactly how to improve their score AND their health, they can also track their progress by repeating the survey as they make changes in their diet.  

So what good is the 4Leaf Survey? As you may know, our simple 2-minute survey enables us to estimate the percent of your daily calories that are derived from the healthiest of foods--whole plants. No matter what dietary regimen you are following, our powerful 4Leaf Survey shows you how close you are coming to Dr. T. Colin Campbell's definition of the optimal diet for humans--one composed primarily of whole, plant-based foods. 

We encourage you to take the survey yourself and to share your results with your physician and with friends and family on social media. Challenge them all to take the survey and begin the process of taking charge of their health.

More Info. Read more about how doctors are beginning to use the 4Leaf Survey in their practices. 

Our new book.  Available on Amazon soon, our new book, the "4Leaf Guide to Vibrant Health" features actual patient examples describing exactly how my co-author, Dr. Kerry Graff, uses the 4Leaf Survey and other tools in her practice. 

Sincerely, J. Morris (Jim) Hicks

Promoting Vibrant Health.
For Ourselves. For Our Planet.