July 2019
WISHIN Participant Updates
  • Correction to last month's NeuGen Insurance announcement – WEA Trust & Health Tradition Health Plan, both in Madison, are now live with end users.
  • Inclusa, Stevens Point, has contracted to participate with WISHIN. With the addition of Inclusa, the WISHIN network now includes all active Family Care plans in Wisconsin.
  • Mercy Health System, Janesville, has contracted to participate with WISHIN.
  • ProHealth Care, Waukesha, is now live contributing with admit/discharge/transfer data
  • Single sign-on (SSO) into WISHIN Pulse from PatientPing is now live. If you are interested in enabling this functionality, contact Laura Widder, Project Director, at 608-274-1820 or via email at lwidder@wishin.org
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New “WISHIN Works” Testimonial Video Features iCare

T he latest in a series of “WISHIN Works” testimonial videos about the value of WISHIN is now posted on WISHIN's YouTube channel.

The video highlights Independent Health Care Plan’s (“ i Care’s’) user story.  i Care, one of the first health plans to participate in WISHIN, is a managed-care organization providing insurance benefits for people with disabilities and low-income Wisconsin residents.

“With WISHIN Pulse we have easy, reliable access to clinical data that will help us deliver better outcomes for our members because we’re able to be more proactively involved in their care – there’s really nothing but a true win-win here,” sa id Beth Medina, i Care’s Director of Information Systems. i Care uses the WISHIN Pulse Community Health Record and Patient Activity Report event notifications to save time and cut down on the manual routing of daily admissions and discharges to its care managers. “Using WISHIN Pulse has improved care coordination and quality performance,” said Medina.

As payers and providers look for opportunities to work together efficiently as they share responsibility for care management, more reliable and timely access to clinical data is increasingly important.

WISHIN works for i Care. How can WISHIN work for you? Visit the WISHIN website to learn more.

Luther Manor, WISHIN and PatientPing would like to invite anyone who manages patient transitions to or from post-acute care to attend a presentation that will describe how WISHIN and PatientPing can be used. This will be an interactive presentation and cover a variety of topics including: accessing patient data at the time of registration, bi-directional sharing of information, managing length of stay (LOS), being informed of readmits in real time, and using these systems to facilitate referral partnerships between hospital partners and post-acute. Here is the invitation to learn more about the presentation and register.
On-Demand Care Summaries Available through Automated Query/Retrieve

A new piece of functionality is available for WISHIN Participants: automated on-demand care summaries. Through automated query/retrieve interfaces, WISHIN Participants can request on-demand CCDAs of the information displayed in the WISHIN Pulse Community Health Record (HL7 data), in addition to the CCDAs stored within WISHIN Pulse. If you are interested in enabling this functionality, contact Laura Widder, Project Director, at 608-274-1820 or via email at lwidder@wishin.org .

More information will be shared about the benefits of implementing automated query & retrieve i n the next WISHIN Connections.
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WISHIN's fourth annual Wisconsin HIE Summit has been rescheduled and will now take place Wednesday, January 29, 2019 , at the Glacier Canyon Lodge in Wisconsin Dells, WI. More information on the 2020 Summit will be forthcoming in future editions of WISHIN Connections and on WISHIN's website.
Quest Diagnostics Integration

If you are a Quest Diagnostics customer and interested in viewing and seamlessly exchanging patients’ Quest lab results in WISHIN Pulse , contact Laura Widder, Project Director, at 608-274-1820 or via email at lwidder@wishin.org .
Industry News
By: Jones John I A Market Research Report I June 19, 2019

By: Misty Lee I The Atlas Newspaper I June 18, 2019