Major Change to Tax Forms for 2020
Make Sure to get the right 1099's for 2020
As stated above almost 70% of 1099-MISC's filed in past years used box 7 (formerly for Non-Employee Compensation). Because of this the IRS determined to create a form just for those situations (1099-NEC) starting with tax year 2020. That means we will have some new items for tax forms for 2020.

This email is for two main purposes:

  1. Inform you of these changes so you can verify which forms will work for your business
  2. Inform us so we make sure to bring in the correct inventory of forms for you (please respond to the poll question below about which forms you will need)

If you would like to preorder your tax forms please contact us. This includes hard to find forms like 1099-R or 1042-S. We can get you any tax form you need in any format accepted by the IRS.

Thank you for reading this message and helping us help you (I couldn't help, but think of Jerry Mcguire).

Please reach out with any questions,


Poll question: Which forms will you need for 2020?
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