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AUTOMATIONDIRECT » Value Added Reseller
AutomationDirect | New 3 and 4-inch C-more Micro HMI Touch Panels with Built-in Ethernet
The EA3-S3ML C-more 3" Micro touch panel ($198.00) has a 3.1-inch STN LCD monochrome display and twelve selectable LED-driven backlight colors. It features a 128 x 64 pixel display, and five function keys with red LED indicators. The EA3-T4CL C-more 4" Widescreen Micro touch panel ($269.00 ) has a 4.3-inch TFT LCD 480 x 272 pixel display (WQVGA) with 32K colors for customizing objects, screen backgrounds and displaying bitmap graphics. Both the 3-inch and 4-inch touch panels each have two serial ports, one micro-USB port and one built-in RJ45 Ethernet port. These 12-24 VDC powered panels can also receive power from the serial communications port of most AutomationDirect PLCs or through the USB port when connected to a PC for programming (using free EA-MG-PGMSW software). The panels are NEMA 4/4X and IP65 (indoor) rated. [...] ...»

ProSense® TSDA25 series temperature switches offer simple temperature monitoring and control with easy setup via mechanical adjustment dials. An extremely durable housing and no moving parts make these switches very reliable and ensure long-term stability without setpoint drift. TSDA25 series temperature switches are a direct replacement for the TSD25 series and offer higher accuracy and a standard sized 6mm diameter probe. Two temperature sensing ranges are available: -4 to 284°F (-20 to 140°C) and -13 to 284°F (-25 to 140°C). Two PNP normally open or two complementary PNP normally open/normally closed switching DC outputs are available. LEDs indicate switching and operating status. ProSense TSDA25 Series temperature switches are priced at $89.00 and have a 3-year warranty. [...] ...»

Area Sensors from Micro Detectors (MD) are multi-beam, through-beam sensors with emitter and receiver elements used to sense wide areas. These area sensors are not personnel safety protective devices. CX0 Series basic area sensors have a sensing distance of up to 6m and a detection height up to 320mm. CX2 Series advanced area sensors also have a sensing distance of up to 6m with detection height of up to 960mm and offer analog outputs and a blanking function. Available Teach-in functions are used for product setting and adjustment. LEDs indicate the sensor alignment, optics condition and faults. The blanking function (CX2 series) allows the height of the active optic window to be adapted to the specific application by eliminating ("blanking") pairs of beams. MD area sensors start at $200.00, have a 3-year warranty and are IEC IP67 rated.  [...]   ...»  
Thermal Edge » Distributor

Almost everyone involved in the maintenance of electrical enclosures has, at one time or another, faced problems with overheated electrical enclosures. In most instances, the obvious solution was to install or upgrade the cabinet cooling fan only to find that it didn't work too well. Here are some reasons why the obvious solution may not have worked. Read More [...] ...»

ADVANTECH » Premier Partner
Managed PoE Switch Reliability Providing a stable IEEE 802.3af/at compliant electrical power supply.Flexibility An Ethernet cable provides the electrical power to devices such as VoIP phone, IP CAM, Wireless AP, LED display.Cost Reduction Reduces the need to build a power sourcing infrastructure. [...] ...»

Moxa » Premier Partner 
Data mining is transforming the face of factory automation, with the most striking change being the evolution of machine-to-machine (M2M) communication into system-to-system communication. Establishing connections between subsystems in network architectures adds new communications paths and network platforms, bringing new complexities and challenges. This month, we explore the solutions that address these challenges, especially with regard to protocol interoperability. [...] ...»

Moxa | Live Video Streaming Ensures Safe Operation of Forklifts
In today's industrial facilities and warehouses, hundreds of forklifts work side-by-side with people. How can we improve forklift operations while ensuring safe movement of people and machines in the facility? Read on to find out how a forklift manufacturer has taken advantage of wireless connectivity to help its customers efficiently manage hundreds of forklifts in their warehouses, thereby simplifying the arduous task of managing industrial traffic and ensuring operational safety. [...] ...»
Rollon » Distributor
Adding a seventh axis to your six-axis robotic system can be beneficial in a number of ways. Your work envelope is expanded, allowing the use of smaller, less-expensive robots. Parts can also be transferred to multiple workstations at greater distances, and more machines and processes are able to be serviced with one robot, which reduces costs.When adding a seventh axis to your system, it's important to consider not just the needs of the robot, but also the requirements of the [...] ...»
Autonics » Distributor

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