3D bunion surgery now available at Seaside Surgery Center
Patented procedure fixes toe at the root of the problem

Foot and ankle specialist Dr. Evgeny Krynetskiy, an orthopedic surgeon-partner at Seaside Surgery Center, recently performed the first LAPIPLASTY
®  bunion surgery at the outpatient joint replacement center. "LAPIPLASTY® is the first and only procedure specifically developed to correct all 3 dimensions of a bunion deformity, at the root of the problem. Rather than cutting and shifting the metatarsal bone over as traditional 2D surgery does, LAPIPLASTY® uses advanced instrumentation to precisely reposition the entire misaligned bone back into normal 3D alignment," explained Krynetskiy. The procedure, developed by Treace Medical Concepts, Inc., secures the metatarsal bone at its base with patented titanium plate technology.
Benefits to the patient include a faster recovery. Most patients can put their full weight on the foot anywhere from a few hours to a few days after surgery. There is no need for a cast, the surgery site is simply bandaged, and the foot is placed in a boot. Most patients will be able to wear fashionable shoes again. Active patients can expect to return to playing sports when the bones have healed, approximately four months post-op.

LAPIPLASTY Procedure Patient Education Video
LAPIPLASTY Procedure Patient Education Video

Krynetskiy is one of only five surgeons in Southwest Florida trained in the LAPIPLASTY ®  Procedure. To determine if you are a candidate for this innovative approach to bunion repair, request an appointment with Dr. Krynetskiy through the surgery center's website at www.SeasideSurgeryCenter.com. 

Dr. Brian Wallace named Arthrex consultant
Global medical device company Arthrex, Inc. , has named Seaside orthopedic surgeon-partner Brian Wallace, D.O., as a consultant. Typically, Arthrex consultants contribute to the company's educational programs, provide expertise during the development of new devices and procedures, teach courses, and host visiting surgeons.

Dr. Wallace has worked extensively with athletes at the high school, college, and professional level including Kings Mills High School, Wittenberg University, and the Cincinnati Reds major league baseball team, along with other local high schools and colleges in the Cincinnati area.

His interests in orthopedics include the arthroscopic treatment of the shoulder, elbow and knee as well as general orthopedic care. He also has extensive training in joint reconstruction and fracture care.

Dr. Wallace is a current Team Physician of  Ave Maria University.

In a word...phenomenal!
"The surgery center was phenomenal! The staff couldn't have been more pleasant. They made me feel very comfortable about my surgery and recovery. Thank you to all my docs and nurses!"

-Sandy Thoma

"Phenomenal staff...they put me totally at ease. Highly skilled facility. Thank you for great care."

-Donna Ehman

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