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“Your class opened my eyes to the liability that lies beneath the flashy facade. I had no idea of the possible legal ramifications of simply liking a post or other new social media liability issues. I would highly recommend this course to every Fire Department across the country."

Fire Engineer, Steven Ford
Flower Mound Fire Department, TX
It's Not If Your Firefighters Will Make
A Social Media Mistakes, It's When...
Instead Of Offering Apologies For Social Media Mistakes, You Need To Build Public Trust By Giving Your Firefighters Expert Social Media Liability Training So They Don't Make The Mistake
In The First Place...
The Biggest Mistake You Can Make, Is Thinking Your Firefighters Can Acquire This Type Of Specialized Training In-House Or At Association Conferences...

In A Lawsuit, Your Training Records Are Scrutinized. If You Claim Your Employees Are Properly Trained, They Should Have No Problem Passing This Simple 5 Question
Social Media Law Quiz...
"In Mark's class, I not only learned what I didn't know, but was
amazed to find out what I did know was wrong."

-Louis Carnell, Division Chief, Hillsborough County Fire, FL

7 Important Takeaways From The New
1983 Federal Social Media Law Standards
  • The U.S. Supreme Court classifies Social Media is a "high liability" HR topic, not just a public relations Issue.

  • Social Media policies have no teeth in court unless you can prove it's enforced with expert social media liability training for all employees. Courts reject verbal warnings as adequate 1983.

  • Busy in-house attorney don't qualify in court as social media law experts that can deliver specialized social media liability training to employees.

  • You must prove that your training instructor was a licensed social media attorney specialist and the class workbooks contained the proper case law and legal analysis of the hidden liabilities and nuances in the new social media speech laws.

  • Social Media policies and training have serious constitutional and civil rights impact on others. Non-lawyer PIOs and social media managers are exposed to "unlicensed practice of law claims" for writing social media policies and conducting social media training without teaming up with an experienced social media attorney specialist.

  • Courts consider it negligence to use boilerplate social media policies, even from reputable policy services and associations, and not inquire whether the social media policy drafter was an attorney who specializes in social media law.

  • Insurance doesn't cover the loss of public trust and decision-makers are held personally liable for failing to provide employees outside expert social media liability training when the need was so obvious.
The U.S. Supreme Court Classifies Social Media As A "High Liability" HR Topic, Not Just A Public Relations Issue. Having A Boilerplate Social Media Policy And Verbal Warnings Doesn't Shield You From Liability..
Hundreds Of Firefighters in My Social Media Liability Courses Constantly Ask Me...
How could a department not jump on the opportunity to have a 30 year nationally recognized digital media law expert train all employees for $9 per person? .
 "Mark, after reviewing the program, the Sterling Heights Fire Department enrolled 100 firefighters in the course."

City of Sterling Heights Fire Department, OH
Question: If the U.S. Supreme Court Classifies
Social Media As A "High Liability" HR Topic, And
In-House Attorneys Don't Qualify In Court As
Social Media Law Experts That Can Train Employees...
Law and legal questions concept with a red question mark sign and a wooden judge gavel on a desk with grey background 3D illustration.
Why would you expose PIOs and social media managers to "unlicensed practice of law claims" by having them write social media policies and train employees?
* See Sperry v. Florida 375 U.S. 379 (1963) A non-lawyer can't draft a serious legal document that impacts constitutional and civil rights of others. Social media policies impact the free speech rights under the First Amendment and other civil rights.
La La Land Attitudes That Destroy Careers
Ignite Costly Lawsuits, And Destroy Public Trust
  • I don't care if the new 1983 federal standards require social media liability training for all employees, we give verbal warnings, that's good enough.

  • Our attorney, PIO, and social media manger have the same expertise as a 30 year nationally recognized digital media attorney specialist.

  • We can't afford $9 per person for expert social media law training.
Fire Chiefs, Attorneys, And HR Nationwide Agree, This Type of Specialized Training Can't Be Done In-House Or At Conferences...
Mark, after reviewing the program, the Sterling Heights Fire Department enrolled 100 firefighters in the course."

City of Sterling Heights
Fire Department, MI

"Great program. Being aware of the hidden liabilities not discussed in other courses saves your public image,
and big legal fees."

- Cindy Reid, Town Attorney
Davidson, NC

My Online Course Includes Our Powerful...

Social Media
"Red Flag"
Warning System
Firefighters Learn New Skills That Take The Guesswork Out Of Determining...

  • What opinions and jokes are "Free Speech" under the new First Amendment U.S. Supreme Court and federal rulings.

  • When you do and don't have privacy on your personal social media accounts and devices.

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Is Your Firefighter's Career And Your Department's Public Image Worth $9 Per Person For Expert Online Expert Social Media Liability Training?
*There is a one-time portal set-up fee of $297

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Is Protecting Your Firefighters' Career And
Public Image Worth A $9 Per Person
Online Expert Social Media Liability Course?
Making My Expert Online Course Mandatory Training For All Employees Shows The Public That You Do Care About Mitigating Social Media Mistakes...
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Course Goals: Mitigate social media liability exposure and comply with new 1983 federal social media training and policy standards.

Instructor: 30 year Digital and Social Media Attorney Mark Fiedelholtz

Delivery: Online self-study or can be done as virtual conference style for in-service group

Different Course Formats Available: 2 hours, 4 hours, or 6 hours

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