AEPA Newsletter for Members and Vendor Partners
July 17, 2019
Thank you for attending the
AEPA Spring Meeting !
Update: Strategic Plan
The AEPA Board heard a report on the AEPA Strategic Plan which included the graphic "Moving the Needle toward $619,000,000 by 2023.”
Watch our video montage for a video recap of the AEPA Spring Meeting!
Other highlights from the AEPA Spring Meeting

  • Georgia became AEPA’s 28th state.

  • Dave Mahalko presented a financial update. He reported that he would be reviewing the AEPA financial status throughout 2019 and asked the membership to be thinking about the future needs of AEPA. He stated that if an increase in fees was needed to maintain a strong financial position and adequate cash balance, that he would share that information before the fall AEPA meeting so membership would have time for input before any increase would be brought to the floor.

  • Hussey Seating was approved for recommendation as a Bleachers and Stadium Seating Vendor Partner.

  • Three companies were approved for recommendation in the Playground and Recreational Equipment category: Romtec, Kompan and Playcraft Systems.

  • The Board approved 2020 bids in eight (8) categories including Athletic Surfaces-Turf; Athletic Surfaces-Tracks and Courts; Digital Resources, Facilities Management Software; Scoreboards and Marquis Signage; Carpet and Resilient Flooring (New); Mowers and Grounds Equipment (New); and Vehicles (New).

  • Jane Eastes and Anna Marie Hollander presented an excellent hour of PD on bid structures and bid bonds. The future looks really exciting for AEPA’s bidding efforts.

  • Tammy Hurst was reelected for a two-year term as AEPA President and Dave Mahalko was reelected for a two-year term as AEPA Treasurer.

George and I would like to thank everyone who participated in our AEPA Spring
Meeting in Pensacola Florida. We both believe it was a very productive and successful meeting and we are looking forward to the continued success and growth of AEPA. 

Tammy Hurst
AEPA President
Canton, Ohio

George Wilson
AEPA Executive Director
Gamaliel, KY
AEPA Recognitions
The first annual AEPA Recognition Ceremony was held at the AEPA Spring Meeting . Three member states and three vendor partners received awards. 
Member States Awards (left to right, photos above, pictured with George Wilson, AEPA Executive Director)
Relationship Excellence: Judy Hall and Larche Hardy, Florida
Quality and Innovation: Joni Puffet and Laurie Hoing, Iowa
Sales Performance: Mitchel Lilly, Wisconsin
Vendor Partner Awards (left to right, photos above, pictured with George Wilson, AEPA Executive Director)
Relationship Excellence: Denise Pierce, Partac Peat Corporation
Quality & Innovation: Thomas Cutler, Konica Minolta Business Solutions
Sales Performance: Ruth Hawley, Hellas Construction

Thank you!
Thanks to Tina Smith, Committee Chair, Ann Burden, Joan Preble, Joni Puffett, Alice Hunt and Marlo Jones for organizing the Awards Program.
Member Spotlight: CESA Purchasing

August 25-28, 2019
2019 NIGP
Austin, TX

October 25-28, 2019
ASBO National Conference
National Harbor, Maryland

December 4-7, 2019
AESA National Conference
Phoenix, AZ
Vendor Spotlight: Konica Minolta
Konica Minolta leads the way in bringing innovative digital workflow solutions, products and services to educational entities, from K-12 Public to Private schools and Higher Education Institutions. Our offerings provide the technology to address the many needs facing the education community today. Whether it’s finding ways to cut costs, enhance learning opportunities, improve document management, or support IT infrastructure and initiatives, Konica Minolta provides solutions that empower students and educators.  

Konica Minolta’s offerings include: 
Multi-Function Printers
Production Print and Wide Format Products and Solutions 
Managed Print Services 
Electronic Content Management Solutions
IT services
Specialty Products such as 3D printers
Interactive Classroom Technology
Visitor Management Security Solutions and Application Software Solutions

As stated above, Konica Minolta won AEPA’s Quality & Innovation MVP award at the Spring Meeting. Not only does Konica Minolta offer quality and innovative products, they provide resources for school staff members to learn from.

Click the button below to view Konica Minolta’s How to Secure Your School: Six Steps for Improvement article.

Association of Educational Purchasing Agencies
575 Witt Marsh Rd.
Gamaliel, KY 42140