New morning classes and Summer AM Deal!
This summer starting June 4th through August 31st join our new 8:30AM classes. At 8:30AM on Tuedays join Jackie L. for her AKB Pound 4 Pound Class! Then on Fridays join Julie for her A.M. Adrenaline class!

AKB Pound '4' Pound
“Pound for pound” is a term used in combat sports to describe the better fighter relative to their body weight. This new class will strategically break your workout into 4 challenging segments. Block 1 will get you warmed up with an AKB routine involving the power of your body weight by doing a variety of difficult plyometric moves and creative kickboxing combos to the beat of the music. Get your gloves on for Block 2 which will get your groove going with bag combos. Remove the gloves and get your core and body ready for Block 3. During this block you will do more ab specific plyometric moves and a slightly more high intense AKB routine. Hang on tight because you’re about to enter the final phase 4 of your pound 4 pound class. Get those gloves back on and hit the bags to a finely tuned bags routine finisher. If you’re still standing at the end, ask yourself this, were you giving it your all?

A.M. Adrenaline
Need an extra shot in your coffee in the morning? Get your fill with a rush of AM Adrenaline! Our instructor offers heart-pumping cardio warm-up followed by a variety of activities to get an early morning burn! You'll be served with a breakfast of HIIT training, resistance band routines, TRX suspension training, tire drills, powerful punching and kicking combos on our heavy bags, and even a dose of one-on-one focus mitt conditioning. Activities will vary and keep you guessing! Wake up and work out!

Summer AM Deal
Not an afternoon person, or can only make it in the morning? Sign up for 3 months of membership, June 4th through August 31st, and take all our morning classes including our 9am Saturday and Sunday classes! This membership will be $120 total and includes only the morning classes. Gloves and wraps will be available to borrow with membership .