March 2020
Story of the Month
Amelia's Fantastic Flight
March is Women's History Month! Our featured story this month is inspired by aviator Amelia Earhart. Watch this beautiful ASL interpretation of a story about a young pilot who built an airplane, travels to six continents, and still makes it home in time for dinner :)
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Coronavirus Info
in ASL and English
We are updating our blog post about Coronavirus daily, adding videos in ASL as they come in. Check out the latest videos from DPAN, including an interview by DPAN founder Sean Forbes with a Deaf doctor.
Kids at Home?
Sign your favorite story!
DPAN.TV has put together a library of videos of favorite children's stories in ASL!
Book Review
Portraits of Deaf Ancestors
ABC Portraits of Deaf Ancestors  is a beautifully illustrated book created for middle school students and older. It spotlights the lives and achievements of historical Deaf and DeafBlind people from a variety of cultures, ethnicities and backgrounds. Read ASDC's Cheri Dowling's review of this exciting new book!
Summer Academies
for Florida DHH students
The Florida School for the Deaf and the Blind (FSDB) will host two Expanded Core Curriculum (ECC) Summer Academies in June on its St. Augustine campus. The program is free for qualified students.
February Donors
Our heartfelt appreciation goes out to these generous individuals, families, and organizations for their support.
  • Dan Roche
  • Geri Rios
  • Judy Jonas
  • Mark Drolsbaugh
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