October 2020
NEW! ASL Video for Kids: Why We Wear Face Masks
This fun video from Jincy Roberson explains to deaf and hard of hearing kids why it's important to wear face masks!
NTID Interns Shine at ASDC
Since 2019, student interns from the National Technical Institute for the Deaf (NTID) work with ASDC staff to create graphics, newsletters, and print materials. Learn about the program from NTID's Senior Employment advisor and see some of the great work our interns have done!
International Sign Languages Day Campaign a Big Success!
On September 23, Caesar’s Games and generous donors like you raised an amazing amount of money for ASDC programs in honor of International Day of Sign Languages.
Deaf & Deafblind Literacy Videos
DeafBlind Central has new resources for teachers and parents of deaf and deafblind students! Check out their library of children's stories in ASL, each with a story video, a vocabulary video, and a lesson plan to make an experience box!  
Halloween Signs
Watch this fun video with ASL instructor Ursa Rewolinski to learn ASL signs for Halloween. You and your child will learn vocabulary and then put the signs together in an ASL story! 
Member Spotlight: The Holley Institute
The Holley Institute is our newest ASDC member organization. Learn about their programs for deaf, hard of hearing, and deafblind children in Michigan.
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