March 2021
Happy Spring, Map Friends!
March is here, daylight savings and the Equinox have come and gone, and we are all feeling a bit of Spring in our steps! The old adage "In like a lion, out like a lamb" is poignantly appropriate for the weather on Cape Cod, where we started the month with snow and temperatures in the low 20s, and now we are enjoying sunny days and warmth that requires only a light jacket. As the world warmed, we were working hard adding new and interesting items to our website.

We shall highlight some exciting maps below but you can always visit our Newly Listed Maps section to see everything new from the past month or so. We have a Great Maps - Super Deals category that offers our discounted items. And don't forget that we also have a category specifically for maps under $100!
If you are looking for something specific, we recommend using the "Search" function at the top of our website or the menu on the left side of the web page. You can also use [Ctrl+F] to search within a webpage. It is advisable to view our website on a computer (not mobile) for best image quality and enlargement.

Delightful Maps from Dower/Orr/Petermann
A mixture of informational and delightful, this series of maps have been a pleasure to put onto our website this past month. Published in 1850, these maps are handsomely designed and include many different countries, celestial maps, and comparative world maps. A small selection is below, but we encourage you to click the button to browse them all.
1850, Petermann / Orr / Dower
1850, Petermann / Orr / Dower
1850, Petermann / Orr / Dower
Monumental Maps
These fantastic maps feature illustrations of the major monuments of the particular city. They are pictorial maps that focus on architecture, which makes them particularly popular because they remind the viewer of all of the special sights you would enjoy when visiting that location. Take a visual stroll through these maps and enjoy the views of Montmartre, Notre Dame, and the Florence Duomo.
1925, Borremans / Taride
1932, S. Davite
Scarborough Road Maps
After quite a few years in the antique map business, it is no longer common for us to come across a map of Cape Cod that we haven't had before, but it does happen occasionally. This winter we acquired these road maps, including a fantastic map of Cape Cod, that show roads, railroads, highways, electric railways, and more.
1905, Scarborough Company
1905, Scarborough Company
Eldridge Charts
If you recognize these Eldridge harbor charts, perhaps it is because you have been eyeing them and hoping they would come back in stock. If so, then today is your day! We have recently been able to acquire some charts that we haven't had for quite a while, and they are sure to sell quickly, so be sure to act quickly if you have been waiting for one. Eldridge's charts are extremely recognizable for their clean lines that made them easy for mariners to read while navigating their ships closer to land.
c. 1900, Walker
c. 1900, Walker
c. 1900, Walker
c. 1900, Walker
Early Maps
We have added early maps of all sorts to our website lately. They consist of many different parts of the world, are a variety of sizes, and good for many different budgets. Here are a few highlights:
1755, Robert de Vaugondy
Other Interesting New Additions
1910, George W. Eldridge

Fantastic chart of the coast from Cape Ann to Casco Bay
1902, US Geological Survey

This atlas includes topographic, historical geologic, and surface geologic maps with two pages of photos and in depth explanation. It covers Manhattan, Brooklyn, Staten Island and the surrounding areas.
1904, US Geological Survey

We have recently added some topographic maps for New Jersey and Vermont
1865 and updated to 1867, Robiquet

Includes Nice, Genoa, Elba, & Orbetello with northern Corsica
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