NFP Newsletter
Winter 2020
Thank you for your commitment to serving our NFP Community in the Diocese of Green Bay as a user or as an instructor. This edition of the NFP Newsletter is jam packed with new, exciting and relevant content.

Newsletter Highlights:

  1. Additions to our NFP Community
  2. NFP Yearly Reports for 2019
  3. Online Method-Neutral Support Community

Welcome Aboard!
Recently, the Diocese of Green Bay partnered with the St. Gianna Clinic to welcome Dr. Judith Rugamas. Judith and her family come from El Salvador . She will be providing instruction in the Creighton method in Spanish from the clinic. Over the next few years, Judith will also be helping the diocese to promote NFP in the Hispanic community by presenting at parishes in our diocese.

Welcome to the Diocese of Green Bay!
Yearly Reports
With 2019 in the books, yearly reports are on the horizon. The diocese uses data of NFP services to make ongoing programming and resource allocation decisions. The USCCB uses this data as well to help build a culture of NFP across our country.

Attached, you will find the updated NFP services reporting form as well as a link to the video I recorded on the new form in a past newsletter.
Please send in your 2019 data (mail or email) by Jan 31.
A Step Forward for NFP in Marriage Prep!
St. John the Baptist in Howard is piloting a new marriage prep program.  Witness to Love, while at its core is about parish renewal and evangelization, but it also encourages engaged couples to participate in an NFP class. Through this program, couples will receive a strong NFP touch point and be supported to make a truly informed decision about their family planning.

Special thanks to Katie Westhoven and Fr. Jim Lucas for their leadership on this!
Welcome Baby Miriam!
Jessie and Marcos Cisneros welcomed Miriam Salomé in November. Jessie and Marcos are parishioners and employees at St. Thérèse in Appleton and are instructors of the Family of the Americas method.

¡ Felicidades!
An Online, Method-Neutral NFP Support Community
Login Credentials:

pass: gbdioc2020

Password is good thru Jan, then I will be changing it to a personal one for my wife and I. In the meantime, no pranks allowed! ;)
Off the Charts is an online, method-neutral NFP Support Community. This is a site for NFP users looking for quality NFP resources and the convenient support of a method-neutral community. While the site's content adheres to Catholic teaching, the community appears welcoming to and the content appropriate for all our brothers and sisters in Christ.

Because Support of NFP users is a key piece of the USCCB accreditation, I am particularly interested to know your thoughts on how well this site appears to serve those ends. Below, I have one question for you.

I would greatly appreciate it if you could take a quick peak at the site and explore around just briefly to be able to answer the one short question below.
Which of the following best describes your thoughts about Off The Charts based on what you have seen so far?
I would use it for myself and for clients. The content looks great!
Could be useful . I'll keep it in my back pocket for the right friend/client
I like the content. Price looks high though!
Not worth the price! Similar content can be found elsewhere
In the Spring Edition, Look forward to...
* Healing Prayer Training opportunity for NFP teachers
*Results of 2019 data
*Results from the survey above
* NFP Awareness Week 2020
* updates
*And more...
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