Coming Soon! Adoptions Open Six Days a Week
A brown dog looks up at the camera with their pink tongue accentuating their adorable smile while in their kennel.
Beginning Monday, February 13, Kitsap Humane Society has new hours! The shelter is now open for adoptions Wednesday-Monday from 12 pm - 4 pm.

Kitsap Humane Society is open seven days a week for other services, including stray animal admissions, pet reclaims, and our Pet Food Pantry.

NEW Adoption Hours
Wednesday - Monday: 12 pm - 4 pm

Stray Animal Admissions Hours
Every day: 11 am - 4 pm
Feral cats/cats in traps: by appointment only.

Pet Reclaim Hours
Every day: 11 am - 5 pm

Pet Food Pantry Hours
Every day: 11 am - 4 pm

Owner Surrenders & Private Euthanasia
By appointment only.

We look forward to providing our community with more opportunities to adopt!
Time is Running Out! Send a Valentine Today!
Time is running out! Let your special someone know you care by sending them a valentine that benefits vulnerable animals at Kitsap Humane Society.

Kitsap Humane Society’s My Furry Valentine fundraiser, presented by Dee Fitzgerald State Farm Agent, ends Monday, February 5! It’s the purr-fect (and super easy) way to honor the animal lover in your life.

Choose the gift option that your Valentine would love and have it shipped to their door! Or show your love for shelter pets and make a donation to support our work!
February is Spay & Neuter Awareness Month
Not only is this month National Spay/Neuter Awareness month, but Tuesday, Feb. 28, is World Spay Day, an international holiday dedicated to advocating for the spaying and neutering of pets as a means to save the lives of many more.

Here at Kitsap Humane Society, we strongly advocate for spaying and neutering pets and do our best to provide spaying and neutering services to community members who are low-income.

While we have been offering spay/neuter services on a limited basis for the past several years, with the construction of our Russ & Linda Young Lifesaving Veterinary Center, we look forward to being able to provide more appointments once the facility is open. To celebrate World Spay Day this year, our Veterinary Services Team has put together a Cat Fix Day on Tuesday, Feb. 28. Keep an eye on our scheduling page and social media to see when appointments become available!

Want to learn more about why spaying/neutering your pet is important?
Spaying and neutering stray and household animals not only reduces pet overpopulation but it improves pets' health, reduces unwanted behaviors, and is cost-effective in the long term.
February Pup-dates
Comedy Unleashed: Comedy Show
Save the date to howl with laughter during our first-ever comedy show to benefit pets in need, Comedy Unleashed, on Friday, March 24 from 7-9 pm, at Kiana Lodge!

Join us for a date night or an evening out with delicious food, drink, and laughs, all for a great cause! More info coming soon.
Tabitha, a gorgeous kitty with green eyes and white and black fur is posed in front of a light box sign.
Thank You for Being a Friend
We want to say a very special thank you to everyone that came together to donate during our Thank You For Being a Friend Challenge! Your donations are inspiring and mean so much to pets in need like Tabitha. Thanks to your support, we can continue providing pet lifesaving services, spay/neuter surgeries, canine and feline enrichment, and more!

Please join us in honoring the following pets and people that these donations were made in memory of including:

Zoli, Jordan Costello, Bella Noelle, Thendara Marie Kida Gee, Pippin, Daisy, Ellie, Bella, Morgan, Ace, Jet, Deuce, Buddy, Champ, Rocky, Darby-Doo, Woody (aka Rice Krispie), Koda, Molly, Honey, Bruno, Alston, Lulu Roscoe & Frito, and Belle & Koa Wojcik.
A KHS Animal Control Officer and a KHS Volunteer sort leashes.
Project Connect Returns to Kitsap County
After two long years, Project Connect returned to Kitsap County! Kitsap Humane Society has taken part in Project Connect regularly over the last decade, so we were thrilled to return to this event as the threat of COVID-19 continues to decrease!

Project Connect is a community event that occurs over the course of a few days at different locations, connecting community services to community members that might require some additional assistance. 

On Wednesday, Jan. 25, a team of our veterinary staff, Animal Control staff, our Volunteer Coordinator, and a few volunteers headed over to Bremerton Salvation Army to provide animal vaccines (rabies and distemper), animal food, pet resources (collars, leashes, winter clothing, toys, etc.), and connect community members to information regarding low-cost services and our Pet Food Pantry program

We are so happy to see the return of Project Connect and look forward to continuing to engage with the members of our community in new ways!
Construction Timelapse
New year, new location for our timelapse camera! Huge progress has been made in the last several weeks, and a building is beginning to take shape in front of our eyes!

Currently, the Russ & Linda Young Veterinary Lifesaving Center is scheduled to open this fall. Please pardon our dust as we continue, and thank you for your continued support of this much-needed treatment facility. Check out our latest timelapse! 
Adorable Adoptable
Meet Our Adoptable Dogs!
Whether you are looking for a big dog, a small dog, a spotted dog, a fluffy dog, a senior dog, a puppy dog, or anything in between, we've got you covered!

With over 20 dogs in our care and available for adoption, we have someone for everyone. Ready to meet your new best bud?
Volunteer Spotlight
Meet Molly Clark! 
Molly Clark is one of our Lead Dog Walkers and has dedicated an amazing amount of time and service in support of our shelter dogs. Molly has been with KHS for the last 10 years and has dedicated over 4,300 hours! From early morning walks to long trail hikes that make great shelter breaks for our pups, Molly goes above and beyond every day!

Molly comes in with a contagious positive attitude, supporting the volunteers on her shift and providing an extra hand to the staff whenever she can! "There are a thousand ways to describe the bubbly positivity that Molly has, but nothing does justice to being able to just spend time with her," said a KHS staff member.

Not only does her personality shine a light for our team, but for our dogs as well. Molly has a way of making every dog feel at home and is a strong member of the canine enrichment team, taking time to make sure every dog has a moment of comfort and safety that best fits their needs."Molly has so much passion for each and every dog, providing them with such an incredible level of attention that you would think each dog was her own," said a KHS staff member.
A woman in a beanie and black jacket holds Domino, a black and white speckled dog outside.
Molly extends her passion and excitement to her photography, sharing her experiences with the shelter dogs through some phenomenal photos.

KHS is proud to have Molly on the team, bringing so much amazing energy and dedication to the shelter. You are an absolute rock star, Molly! Keep up the amazing work!
Staff Spotlight
Meet Gina Lehner!
Put your paws together for this month’s staff spotlight, Gina! Gina serves as Foster Lead. She shares, “I am part of the small but mighty Foster team!”

“The Foster Department at KHS is a pretty happening place, and our team is responsible for the immediate care and foster placement of all underage animals that enter KHS, seeking foster homes for older animals in need of foster for medical or behavioral reasons, and supporting upwards of 50 active foster homes at a time.”

Talk about amazing! Gina continues, “I have been involved with KHS since 2019 but began my role in the Foster Department in 2020. I really dove into the deep end with a start date smack in the middle of kitten season! Thank goodness Holly, our Foster Manager is a rockstar and was able to get me up to speed in record time. “

“She is compassionate, caring, hardworking, thoughtful, and intentional," said Holly, Gina's manager. "She takes a particular interest in continued education for foster parents, ensuring they feel supported and confident in their abilities.”

“Gina makes KHS a better place through her teamwork, positive energy, and humor. The work we do in the Foster Department can be emotionally demanding, but it is infinitely easier to navigate with a team member that can help put things into perspective and make you laugh - usually through a quippy pun!”

Gina’s favorite part? “Seeing the passion within our volunteer and foster base, as well as the broader community that surrounds KHS, for the work we do. We know we do lots of amazing, sometimes very difficult work, but it’s been so cool to see how much of a role the community plays in making that happen and how proud they are of our work as an organization.”
A brown-haired woman stands out in the snow while holding a black cat.
And like so many at KHS, Gina often takes work home with her - and sometimes on a permanent basis! “My husband and I adopted our first dog together, Fermi, from KHS in 2018, shortly after moving to Washington. Then came Sir Lancelot, a scraggly senior cat with kidney disease in 2019, a box turtle named Ducky who’d been found wandering Manette during the big heat wave of 2021, and rounding out our menagerie, is our foster “fail,” Pork Belly Sandwich, who was brought to KHS as a very sickly kitten by good Samaritans.”

Gina’s work to support and save the most fragile in our care is deeply appreciated! She wants all to know that “there’s a lot of emotional weight to this role. Each day we’re responsible not just for the pets in our care, but also for supporting and guiding our foster parents as they navigate the ups and downs fostering can bring. It can be a pretty physically and emotionally taxing role some days. But seeing the absolute powerhouse for good that the KHS foster network can be is incredibly inspiring. It truly takes a village, and we have one heck of a passionate village standing behind KHS.”

We couldn’t agree more! We appreciate you, Gina!
Community Spotlight
Meet Historic Downtown Poulsbo Association!
Meet one of our amazing partners, the Historic Downtown Poulsbo Association! Ten years ago, the Santa House in downtown Poulsbo was built by community volunteers at HDPA, including Bill Austin, who has created many famous downtown Poulsbo structures and paintings. 

Since then, children and visitors alike have their photos taken during the holidays with Nordic Father Christmas in exchange for an honorary donation that supports many local charitable causes.

Thanks to the generosity of our community, a check was presented to Kitsap Humane Society from HDPA and Father Christmas for a total of $2,400 this holiday season. Our shelter animals are always grateful for the ingenuity and compassion of our community to create new and fun ways of fundraising for pets in need.
Puppuccino Pal Sponsor Spotlight
Meet Venn Logic, LLC!
We are pleased to introduce our February Puppuccino Pal Sponsor, Venn Logic, LLC! Venn Logic is an individual and team coaching LLC whose mission is to help people become stronger leaders of themselves and others. While Venn Logic is based in the Seattle area, their services are available anywhere, and with over 20 years of experience in leadership coaching and talent development across industries and sectors, this company provides insight and resources to help leaders and teams flourish, individually and together. 

“My clients and I do this work together, harnessing the incredible power of vulnerability, courage, research, data, intuition, and a healthy dose of humor,” said Heather Wellman, Owner of Venn Logic.

When asked why she chose to support the pets in need at Kitsap Humane Society through our Puppuccino Pal Sponsorship, Heather said, “I started my career in non-profit and social justice, two things that have remained close to my heart and have made philanthropy a priority for me personally and professionally.
A long-time supporter of animal rights and welfare, along with being a Kitsap resident, made this decision easy! I look forward to adding KHS to the list of other outstanding local organizations I have the honor of supporting.”

Learn more about Venn Logic and its services on the Venn Logic website.
Many Thanks to Our Grand Shelter Sponsor:
Kitsap Humane Society is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization; Tax ID: 91-0728353