The cicadas are singing as I sit writing at the dining room table, another Arizona first experience for me! I feel fortunate that I have been able to make a few trips to Prescott/Prescott Valley before our final move. On my visit on August 18 th , it was great to see so many people participating in Ignite Your Spirit: Worship & Music Training Day. Kudos to the Worship and Music Ministry for supporting such a great event.

We have been so warmly welcomed, thank you all for your gracious hospitality. Please continue to tell me your name each time you see me; I will try to learn them in time! Tim and I picked up the keys for the small house we are renting a few blocks from the Courthouse square in Prescott on Tuesday, the 28 th and we spent a little time moving into my church office as well. Thanks very much to the crew who painted the office!

I like the name of the ELC newsletter, Good News …the idea that we as a church and as people of God are listeners and tellers of the Good News. To do so, we must build relationships, bridges and ministries. We build relationships with God, with each other and with those we are reaching out to in our ministries. This is an exciting time at Emmanuel Lutheran Church and for Tim and me, and I feel especially blessed to be called to be part of the opportunities and adventures ahead. Of course, “building” also implies change, and that isn’t always easy. The good news is that we are in this together, and with our focus on the mission of being God’s hands and feet here in Prescott Valley, I know that the Holy Spirit will help us cope with any uneasiness that change can bring. I kind of feel like I always did on the first day of school; excited and a little scared all at the same time!

I will have regular posted office hours Tuesday through Thursday, so please stop by to visit and share with me your favorite stories of Emmanuel. I am looking forward to being part of the Good News stories that we will be sharing.

Many blessings,
Pastor Tricia