Race & Christian Community Initiative Newsletter Issue 5, February 2019
The Race & Christian Community Initiative
Hello RCCI community,

In the new year, RCCI has both launched new programs and strengthened its foundation. Highlights of how we have grown include:

  • Launching a multiracial advisory board
  • Beginning to pilot a learning community for White evangelical pastors and ministry leaders
  • Developing a workshop series that introduces Christian communities to a biblically based understanding of racism and how we can work towards transformation as followers of Christ

I'm excited for how these new beginnings will allow us to live into our mission in 2019. Please read on for more information and be sure to mark your calendar for RCCI's annual community gathering and fundraiser on June 6th, 2019!

God bless,

Megan Lietz
RCCI Program Director

PS: I'm excited to spread the word about EGC's new Boston Black Church Vitality Project. Scroll down to learn more about it and its associated employment opportunities.
To connect w/ race-related events & resources from a variety of sources in Greater Boston...
RCCI Launches Multiracial Advisory Board
With RCCI being a ministry that works towards racial healing, and especially one that focuses on doing self-work among White evangelicals, it is critical that we be under the accountability and leadership of people of color. This is a foundational value of our ministry.

From its inception, RCCI has been under the supervision of women of color at EGC and we intentionally invite people of color to speak into and shape the vision and programs of our ministry. As we began to partner with more leaders of color as co-collaborators, guest speakers, and volunteers, we have been intentional about asking them about their experiences with us and inviting them to lead the way. Now, I'm pleased to share that RCCI has officially launched a multiracial advisory board! Advisory board members are:

  • Ellen Bass, Director of the Capacity Institute at the Black Ministerial Alliance
  • Barry Kang, Lead Pastor of Symphony Church
  • Paulea Mooney-McCoy, Director of Programs and Leadership Development at the Boston Project Ministries
  • Emmett Price, Executive Director of the Institute for the Study of the Black Christian Experience (ISBCE) at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary (not pictured above)
  • Josh Wilson, Church Planter of The Table
  • David Wright, Executive Director of the Black Ministerial Alliance

RCCI's board first met in January to learn from a presentation given by board member Pastor Barry Kang about how to collaborate effectively across racial lines. It involved us learning about various aspects of culture, taking a self-evaluation that helped us identify where we fall on a variety of spectrums, and discussing how we can collaborate well in light of the cultural diversity on the board.

The RCCI board meets 6 times a year to speak into, guide, and envision the future of our ministry. RCCI expresses deep gratitude to its board members and is excited to see how the ministry will be strengthened under their leadership.
Job Opportunity: Invest in the Vitality of Boston's Black Churches
The Applied Research & Consulting Department at EGC is launching the Boston Black Church Vitality Project and hiring a Research & Network Associate . Click here to learn more about the BBCVP and here to explore the associated job opportunity. For more info email mharper@egc.org .
RCCI Cohort for White Evangelicals Pastors & Ministry Leaders
If Christian leaders want to see racial reconciliation in their ministries, they first need to engage in learning, self-work, and reconciling actions themselves. That way, they can lead not only out of vision and ideals, but also out of humility, investment, and experience. It was this conviction that motivated RCCI to launch a pilot cohort for White evangelical pastors and ministry leaders in January 2019. Because if pastors and ministry leaders do their own work and sacrifice their own time to engage in racial healing, they can prioritize and nurture this all the more effectively in their communities.

While the conviction was strong, RCCI knew we were asking a lot when we invited pastors and ministry leaders to commit to meeting every other week for 6 months to learn about racial healing. Between the busyness of people's schedules and the uncomfortable nature of the subject, we knew it would be a challenge to even get people in the room. But through the gift of faith and the prayers of the saints, God made a way for RCCI to welcome 5 courageous leaders who were willing to pay the price and dive into a journey of transformation.

One step at a time, this strong and thoughtful group has been learning about racism and the ways it has shaped our society, ourselves, and our ministries. Through prayerful reflection, creative exercises, dynamic discussions, and learning from people of color through media and face to face, we're slowly growing in our understanding of race and racism and learning how to navigate these subjects in community.

I look forward to reporting on how this pilot goes and how the Lord uses it to not only change leaders, but through them, their communities. In the meantime, I encourage you to learn more about RCCI's ReWe cohorts by clicking here and to consider joining us when we launch another cohort next January!
Tools for the Journey
RCCI is pleased to share that we have developed and piloted a workshop series, designed to educate and inspire Christian communities who are beginning their journey towards racial awareness and biblical reconciliation. These workshops are:

  • Race & The Gospel: A Theological Framework for Engaging Racial Reconciliation
  • Understanding Racism Today: How Good People Can Contribute to the Problem without Awareness or Intent
  • Living into Racial Reconciliation: Practical Steps for a Christ-like Response
How You Can Support: Developing a Team Around RCCI
RCCI is developing a multiracial team so we can have the support, resources, and accountability to grow what God has started. Please see below for how you can support RCCI.

  • Volunteer: There is much work to be done. Let’s chat about how you can use your God-given gifts to support RCCI.
  • Give Financially: I am working on raising $60,000 by the end of June 2019. This money will serve to support RCCI programs and develop a multiracial team. You can give online here or send a check, made payable to Emmanuel Gospel Center with an indication it's for RCCI, to EGC at PO Box 180245, Boston, MA 02118.
  • Pray: Lift prayers up on behalf of RCCI and consider becoming a member of our prayer team. Click here to see our current prayer requests.

Thank you for supporting RCCI!