Anaya‘s musical work is about spiritual evolution, transcendence, and Ascension in order to elevate the vibration in the Universe, to integrate soul and body, and to create alignment and mind awareness.

Ascension is the realm of beauty, peace, and tranquillity, where you meet your Enlightened Soulmate.
  1. Inner Peace 2:22 
  2. Bouyancy 3:56
  3. Dragon Gate 6:28
  4. Morning 2:52
  5. Relax 4:31
  6. Ascension Flame  4:37
  7. Gateway to Luxor 1:46
  8. Heavenly 3:38
  9. Hope 3:30
  10. Ken 2:11
  11. Sunny Day 6:11
  12. Dreamy Star 3:45
  13. Quiet Star 3:38
All Music composed by Tania Mara Botelho 
Arrangements, production, and performance by Anaya Music.
Publishing by AnayaMusic (ASCAP).
Editing and mixing by Pedro Tavares and Anaya Music.
Mastering by Pedro Tavares, Recording Studio 1234
Creative consultant Suzanne Doucet. 
Produced in Immersion360 system
Vídeo filmed by Anaya in Brazil.
All music is performed and produced by Anaya Music.
AnayaMusic - With Love, Anaya Music, I Am In Inner/Outer Peace.
The video is about the art of cultivating Inner peace through contemplation and the tree represents the wisdom to live life.
My Team
Pedro Tavares, Anaya and Marcio Dias Alves
Video produced and edited by Anaya Music and Marcio Alves.
Video directed by Anaya Music.
An award for me means the accomplishment, realization, a taste of joy, and a way of disseminating our music with infinite gratitude for that.”
— Anaya Music
Anaya Music has been on an inspiring roll for her multitude of audio and video releases since 2017, also earning accolades from the IndieMusicChannel, Clouzine International Music Awards, Royal Wolf Film Awards (U.S.), Red Movie Awards (France) and London Music Video Festival and other festivals and organizations in the U.S., Canada, UK, Italy, Greece, Japan, India, Sweden and Bhutan, Himalayas, etc. for the high impact, visually compelling clips she creates with producer Marcio Dias. 90 of these awards are from major film festivals across the globe.
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