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THE 61st FYC Album by Various Artists
Release Date:  02.05.19
Bongo Boy Records releases The 61st FYC Album that captures the moment of independent music that were on the 1st FYC Voting ballot for consideration of a nomination for a 61st GRAMMY Award®. The album titled, The 61st FYC Album by Various Artists, is digitally released Worldwide. Also available as a  Physical album direct at Bongo Boy Records
The 61st FYC Album by Various Artists
Featured Artists

1. Na Hoa - Leo Kama'aina 3:28 (Grammy® Nominated)
2. Mark Lindsay (former Lead Singer of Paul Revere & the Raiders) - Rush On You 2:43
3. Slight Return / Mark Kassa - 69 Days Till Freedom 6:19
4. Sangeeta Kaur - Bring It Down 4:11
5. Robin Spielberg - SPELLBOUND   
6. OBLIVEA - The Way Things Stand 3:47
7. Zombie Garden Club - Animals (Long Version) 4:50
8. Studeo - Our Perfect Place To Be 4:06
9. Kama Ruby - Badlands of Bakersfield 4:01
10. Sheba The Mississippi Queen - Butter On My Rolls 3:49
11. Sharon Lia Band - Anomie 4:37
12. The Corridors - Chain Reaction 4:00
13. Annemarie Picerno - BONFIRE feat. Lisa Coppola, Jimmy Parker, Donna Jo, Steve Owen, Benny Pitsinger, Gene DiPierro and Bob McGilpin 4:26
14. Damian Wyldes - Disengage 5:38
15. Jim McCarty (The Yardbirds) A Special Girl 4:47
16. The Violanta - La Bohemienne 2:36
17. Kevin Lucas Experience - Africa feat. Wouter Kellerman, Alek Razdan, Dave Gross, Ricky Kej and Jerome Lawrence 4:38

The 61st FYC Album 


Bongo Boy Records in Rolling Stone! Again! 
and we brought in our FYC eBlast Clients.
Independent artist Lili Haydn, a nominee in the New Age category and Dance music veteran Lawrence Lui, who runs Bampire.
61st GRAMMY Awards®
"...and this time I told RS to be fair to Independent musicians, as we work all too hard to be where we are today, we don't need Rolling Stone to be negative about Indie Music. If you are not fair with this interview I requested Rolling Stone to withdraw my name"- Monique Grimme

Bongo Boy Records in Rolling Stone! 

60th GRAMMY Awards®


Congratulations to all the Nominees this year!

We are very proud to have been a part of your FYC Campaigns 

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