Bongo Boy Records
New Album
by Sheba The Mississippi Queen
Release Date 08.27.21
UPC 688130658164 | USPXQ2182701-12| WORLDWIDE
Genre: Traditional Blues
Album Artwork by Monique Grimme for Bongo Boy Records
Album cover photo by: Ernesto Pierson
Thrilled and very excited Bongo Boy Records releases Sheba's Blues Album Worldwide in digital and CD format. The album was ready in 2020, and plans were to release the studio album that year, but Covid19 changed the release date to Friday, August 27, 2021. The 12 Track Blue album is filled with PURE BLUES and YES, indeed This Is The Blues!!
Now available everywhere music is streaming and sold.

The album is submitted to The Recording Academy™ (LA) to be considered for Best Traditional Blues Album on their upcoming voting ballot.

“Clear, understandable good songs and vocals, quite nice !” - Bruce Swedien, Engineer of choice for Michael Jackson & Quincy Jones.
1.   I Felt Better - Sheba Beck/Keith Caton 4:48
2.   No Good Ugly Man - Sheba Beck 6:26
3.   I’m Through with You - Sheba Beck 3:55
4.   Ride Me Sweet and Slow - Sheba Beck/Gar Francis 4:40
5.   I Wanna Know - Sheba Beck/Keith Caton 5:09
6.   Shuffling - Sheba Beck 4:11
7.   Lied to Me - Sheba Beck 3:00
8.   Queen of Your Dream - Sheba Beck/Gar Francis 5:01
9.   Freakish Blues - Sheba Beck 3:29
10.  Blues of My Soul #2 - Sheba Beck 5:28
11.  Keeping What I Got - Sheba Beck/Gar Francis 4:06
12.  Beg Borrow, and Steal - Sheba Beck/Keith Caton 3:50
Recorded and Engineered by Ryan Williams, Black Bear Studio, Gainesville, Florida, USA.
Produced by Ryan Williams, Keith Caton, and Sheba Beck
Greg “Wolfman”- Schleitwiler Keyboards Tracks 4-8-11
Charlie Hubel - Harmonica Tracks 6-10-12
Keith Caton – Guitars
Bill Story – Keyboards
Gary Pope – Bass Guitar
Ernesto Pierson – Drums

Sheba Beck
Keith Caton
Gar Francis
Buoyant blistering blues Sheba The Mississippi Queen – This Is The Blues
August 24, 2021
Buoyant blistering blues Sheba The Mississippi Queen – THIS IS THE BLUES: So you need some buoyant blistering blues to get your day started, right? You need look no further, people… straight from Sheba Beck’s heart to your soul, this IS the blues – gut-wrenching, sweet sorrow and everything that makes the blues reach out to you.
Sheba got the highest marks I’ve ever given to a single when I reviewed her “I Wanna’ Know” earlier this year, and her new album soars even higher… she’s accompanied by The Bluesmen (Keith Caton – Guitars; Bill Story – Keyboards; Gary Pope – Bass Guitar and Ernesto Pierson – Drums), and they absolutely kick it loose on tunes like “No Good Ugly Man“… Bill’s organ on this tune will make DJ’s everywhere flock to this song for frequent inclusion on their playlists!
Charlie Hubel’s harmonica on the closer, “Beg Borrow, and Steal“, will absolutely skyrocket this song to the top of the blues charts, and Sheba’s vocal is totally outta-site… you’ll be spinning this song over & over (& OVER) again, folks.
Shades of Booker T. & the M.G.’s greet your ears as you listen to Greg “Wolfman” Schleitwiler’s splendid organ on the 5:01 “Queen of Your Dream“… this is another track that will be getting constant airplay on stations around the globe!
You’ll (definitely) be “in the mood” as you listen to Sheba’s slow & soulful grind on “Ride Me Sweet and Slow“… I had no problem making this my personal choice for favorite of the dozen down & dirty blues Sheba and her players offer up… in fact, it was this song that also made me choose it for a permanent slot on my iPhone player (& that only happens for the very BEST albums).
The blues has always been the best way to “get on down”, and Sheba and her players do it RIGHT… that’s why she gets a MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED rating, with a (perfect) “EQ” (energy quotient) score of 5.00… which means she also gets a “PICK” from me for “strongest blues album”. Get more information on Sheba’s website, and on her Bongo Boy Records website.     You can also listen to all the songs on HEARNOW.                       Rotcod Zzaj
“I Wanna Know” was the second digital prelude single to the Blues album "This Is The Blues" by Sheba The Mississippi Queen. The song is also featured on Backroom Blues Volume Ten, a multi-artist album released on July 16, 2021 Worldwide.
The first digital prelude single was released on 12.17.19 with the title “Keeping What I Got”. Written by Bongo Boy Records' co-founder, songwriter, recording artist Gar Francis and Sheba. Released as a digital single.

Straight from my heart thanks for the support of my family, friends, and fans.
All thanks to the team at Bongo Boy Records for believing in me and my music.
Special thanks to a hard-working woman Monique Grimme that knows how to get things done. ~ Sheba