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Happy New Year!
2017 has come and gone.  Welcome to 2018! Here at Vescent, we are excited about the coming year and the new product innovations we will have to offer.
Jumping & relocking the Servo Output makes for flexible control over your laser
New Application Note: Jumping the Lock Point of a Laser Using the D2-125 Reconfigurable Servo

The Absolute and Relative Jump functions of the D2-125 Reconfigurable Servo are designed to allow the user extensive control over the Servo Out signal. In this application note, we demonstrate the capability to jump from a lock point to another feature in the error signal spectrum and to recapture lock at this new lock point.

We make use of the Absolute Jump feature of the D2-125 to jump the laser approximately 250 MHz from one 87Rb hyperfine transition to another and relock the system on the new transition.
D2-125 Reconfigurable Servo

The D2-125 Reconfigurable Servo features a full PI 2D loop filter transfer function with highly adjustable corners and gain over a control bandwidth of DC to 10 MHz. It has a built-in ramp feature and an auxiliary servo output for controlling an "outer" loop, keeping the main "inner" loop within its control range for extended periods of time.

The D2-125 also offers the Absolute and Relative Jump features discussed above to allow the User to stop the loop filter action and force a specific voltage value at the Servo Output.

Find out more about the D2-125 Reconfigurable Servo
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It is always a pleasure working with Vescent's many customers and I look forward to seeing you again this year. Here are a few opportunities for us to meet in person:

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Coming Soon: SLICE

Our new line of precision photonics control electronics is reaching maturity and we will begin shipping in 2018.  SLICE will be a complete line of laser controllers, servos, current sources, & low-noise, high-bandwidth amplifiers.  SLICE products will feature a large touch screen for easy interface as well as a PC-resident GUI and serial command control. They will offer user-programmed I/O, low-jitter timed events, and a host of other convenient features.

The first SLICE product to hit the streets will be the SLICE-QT, a four-channel temperature controller designed for sub-milliKelvin stability.  It will find application in stabilizing diode lasers, photonic crystals, and mechanics which require nanometer-scale positioning stability.  For non-linear crystals, slew rate control prevents too rapid a change in temperature which could lead to depoling of expensive materials. Each of the four independent channels can be allocated its share of 40 W of stabilization power. SLICE-QT will control either TECs or resistive heaters and can accept an external error signal.

We are extending our promotional offers * through the end of January for a $500 discount on the pre-order of a SLICE-QT or a free SLICE-QT with the purchase of any high-power laser system from Vescent Photonics.

SLICE: Welcome to the future of precision photonic control.

* Terms and conditions do apply.
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