It the midst of all of the world challenges, it feels good to be entering spring, with the sense of new growth and hope it brings. While I will be offering some online classes, I am offering more in-person classes as we enter the warmer months.

I think a little creative expression is good for all of us during these unusual times. Perhaps learning a new expressive skill will be a useful part of your spring practice?

I have some classes coming up and maybe you will find one that will work for you...

Keep being creative!

Donna Webb

Intuitive Watercolor Painting Class

1-3 PM April 23, May 28, or June 4, 2022

Are you curious about this type of painting?

You begin the painting without knowing what the final image or theme will be as you open to your unconscious, and through the process, allow an image to emerge.
Creativity is the perfect antidote for the stress in our lives.
Charcoal Drawing: Working with the Conscious and Unconscious to
Find Balance
1 - 3 PM, April 2, or June 18, 2022

Through the light of the thinking and nerve-sense process we are able to become more conscious, awake and focused, and able to respond in the moment.

Through the warmth and darkness of the will and metabolic system, we hold, cherish, and digest all that life brings to us.

Beginning Drawing

Sunday Afternoons, 2 - 4 PM, April 24 - June 19th

Artists are "See-ers". They literally see the world around them in a different way than the rest of us. Yet, all of us have the ability to be "see-ers".

To learn how to draw, we must first learn to "look" without preconceptions. We will practice this artist's way of looking and drawing from observation, and experiment with a number of drawing techniques that have been used by artists over the centuries.

Independent Learning Classes
Work at your own pace with these pre-recorded videos of beginning drawing subjects. New videos will be released regularly.
Donna Webb
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Donna Webb is an artist whose works are in the permanent collection of The Walker Art Center, The Plains Art Museum, and numerous private collections. She taught art at Normandale Community College for ten years, Spring Hill Waldorf School for seven years, the Center for Wholeness for twenty years, and currently teaches in collaboration with Novalis Institute, and at her studio #302 at The Casket Arts Carriage House.
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