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December 2019
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India-ASEAN Engagements
Economic and Social Dimensions
Edited by Faisal Ahmed and Mohd. Faheem
Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) is an economically progressive, culturally vibrant and a geo-politically strategic congregation. India’s engagement with ASEAN has historically evolved as it shares strong civilizational and cultural ties with the countries of the region. Presently, India and ASEAN engage in economic, cultural and strategic spheres through the framework of Act East Policy. The present volume contains eight research articles which add to the existing body of knowledge and discourse on economic, trade and cultural aspects of India-ASEAN engagements.
ISBN 9788177084825
New Century Publications
Agriculture and Economic Development in India
By Md. Ejaz Anwer
Agriculture is a vital sector and provider of livelihood for two-thirds of India’s working population. Some notable developments have occurred since Independence in 1947: large areas that suffered from repeated failures of rainfall have received irrigational facilities, and new crops have come to occupy a significant position in the country’s production and trade. Marginal and small farmers have borne
the brunt of the adverse circumstances in agriculture. The spate of suicides by farmers in many areas is the most disconcerting
manifestation of this distress. Accelerating the rate of growth of agricultural production must be seen as central to a more inclusive growth.
ISBN 9788177084801
New Century Publications
What Ails Library Websites of Research and Technical Institutions of India
By Shalini Wasan
This book is focused on understanding the currently functional
status of library websites of Research and Technical Institutions
of India. A maximum of 100 web pages of a library website were
tested by Sitebeam Web Analyzer. Webometric tools and techniques were deployed during the course of the investigation.

ISBN 9789387698260
Ess Ess Publications
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