Relevant News and Information for Network Providers Winter 2017
Season's Greetings
Inside this Issue:
S chool City of Mishawaka - SIHO
Change of New Avenues Office Hours
Electronic Claims Submission for EAP Services
New Avenues Turns 40 in 2018
Updated Insurance Reference Guide
Provider Practice Update Form
New Avenues Welcomes School City of Mishawaka Effective 11/01/2017
New Avenues is pleased to welcome the School City of Mishawaka, (SCM), effective November 1, 2017. New Avenues Inc. D/B/A/ Midwest Behavioral Health Network (MBHN) is managing the behavioral health benefits for the SCM enrollees and their dependents. Below is the list of services that require prior authorization.

Prior authorization required for mental health and substance use levels of care:
I npatient
Partial Hospitalization
Intensive Outpatient Services
ABA Therapy

Claims for services should be submitted to New Avenues EDI 95998 for claim repricing. New Avenues is not managing EAP benefits for this contract, insurance only.

New Avenues Has New Office Hours
Our office hours of operation have changed, please update your records accordingly.

Telephones are answered from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm Monday through Thursday, and on Fridays, from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm. EST

Our telephones are closed during the lunch hour from 12:30 to 1:00. EST

During non-business hours, you may leave a voice message and our answering service is available 24/7.
New Avenues Accepts Electronic Claims for EAP Services
In recent efforts to decrease paper claims, New Avenues discovered that not all providers are aware they can submit their Employee Assistance Program, EAP, claims electronically. New Avenues encourages all claims for services rendered, EAP or behavioral health be submitted electronically. This reduces errors and expedites the turn around time for processing and payments.

Submit Electronic Claims to: New Avenues EDI 95998
Celebrating 40 Years of Business in 2018
New Avenues is proud to have provided Employee Assistance Program Services for 40 years. Watch for details as we plan a year of celebration, reflection, gratitude and a vision for our future.

Keeping Up to Date
With the changing landscape of healthcare, keeping each other informed is important. New Avenues publishes our Insurance Reference Guide as a resource on our website, and distributes it with each Provider Newsletter. The Reference Guide's purpose is to give providers an outline of the role New Avenues has specific to our behavioral health contracts, and what exhibits apply in your Provider Agreement.

Help New Avenues keep up with you. If you have/had any change to your practice information, such as address, telephone, fax, TIN or practice hours, please complete the attached Provider Practice Update Form . If you have a new certification or practice specialty or service you are offering, please email