Backbone Bulletin  
New, Streamlined Interface for Receiving Inventory 
Retail Backbone has created a new interface to allow our clients to streamline the process of receiving inventory - both at the warehouse and at brick/mortar stores.  Using our new Receive Inventory interface, you can conveniently perform multiple activities on one screen:
  • Receive inventory against a Purchase Order
  • Receive inventory against a Transfer
  • Receive inventory in a cross-dock scenario

The functionality to perform these activities is efficient and intuitive.  Receive your inventory against a Purchase Order or a Transfer by simply scanning items as they are unpacked; there is no need for manual counting and confirming that what you ordered is actually what you received.  Entire boxes/container can be received at once, eliminating the need to receive each individual item.  This process automatically creates a voucher and provides you with a hyperlink at the end of your transaction to view the Purchase Order.  You even have the ability to print SKU tags for the items you are receiving directly on this screen.  If items on a Purchase Order have destination stores listed, our new interface will use round-robin assignment logic to ensure inventory is being cross-docked accurately.  In addition to creating a voucher once a cross-dock receiving process has been completed, a transfer slip is also created for each of the stores that the outbound items have been assigned to.  

We’ve worked closely with trusted clients to make sure this new functionality meets your inventory receiving needs in an efficient, streamlined fashion.  But even we can’t anticipate every possible scenario, so don’t hesitate to reach out to us about enhancements.  One of the best features of Retail Backbone is its flexibility as a customizable application.  So if there’s anything about your receiving process that needs accommodating, we would be happy to discuss options and capabilities with you. 

A Rejuvenated Customer Profile 
Viewing and editing customer information is an important, but overlooked aspect of business for all of our clients.  We've made revisions to the Customer Profile screen that will offer all of the same functionality, but a new and improved interface.  These enhancements will make updates quicker and less expensive for you, and more manageable for our developers.  Next time you're working with Customer information, be sure to check out the following updates:
  • One consolidated screen for customer information
  • Ability to accommodate all modes
  • Mobile-friendly design
  • Multiple tabs available for:
    - Basic customer information
    - Basic customer information
    - Notes
    - Group assignments
    - Advanced information
Retail Backbone Code Freeze
To best support our clients during their busiest time of year, Retail Backbone will be freezing our database from November 1st through January 1st.  Feel free to send any change requests our way in the meantime, but please be aware that updates will not be applied during this time.  If something urgent arises, let us know of the implications to your business and we will do our best to accommodate your request. 
Give Us Your Feedback!
We look forward to hearing how you like the updates we've made to Retail Backbone!  If you want further information or a demo of how to use any of our new features, let us know and we will show you everything you need to know!
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