After all of the gifts, meals, and cookies, most feel like this once it is all said and done!
December 28th, 2018
How is 2018 over already? Seems like they go faster and faster every year. For some it still feels like fall as there are still combines out grabbing the last few fields of corn and beans. Mother Nature is also convinced it is still fall with this mild weather and rain throughout the mid west. The second round of soybean payments went through Wednesday/Thursday so that is some good news for you going into the weekend. We have been busy preparing for the next round of farm shows ** National No-Till Conference Jan. 8-10th**
**Ft. Wayne Farm Show Jan 15-17th**
**Fennig Equipment Open House Jan. 24th**
We hope to see everyone at those shows! Details on speakers and Itinerary for our Open House will be available soon.

Have a great weekend!
In Furrow Fertilizer Options
Yetter Spring Loaded Knife Option
Yetter Devastator Compa
A Few Highlights From Becks PFR for Soybeans
Just a few highlights from Becks PFR book I found this morning. MOST PROFITABLE populations in beans remain around the 125,000 mark, if you are afraid to go that low, adding row cleaners and poly spikes certainly have a play in that.

Micro nutrients applied at the R1 growth stage paid off big time with 1 quart of MicroBlitz from the Andersons, a return of investment of $58.70 per acre.

The Yetter Devastator showed significant improvements over chopping heads when it comes to residue breakdown.

Just a few tips I found handy to put in your toolbox for next year.
Cassie's Country Cupboard Weekly Recipe:
Mimosa Bar
I’m taking some help from Pampered Chef for this week’s recipe! Are you hosting a holiday breakfast or brunch? How about a Mimosa Bar? Merry Christmas!
Mimosa Bar
·          1 bottle (750 mL) chilled prosecco, cava, or other dry champagne
Flavor Juice 24 oz (750 ml) Garnish
Sunrise Orange Orange slice
Orange Splash of cranberry juice Orange slice
Pomegranate Blush Pomegranate Pomegranate seeds
Pink Grapefruit Grapefruit Fresh raspberries
Mint leaves
Tropical Mango Mango Nectar Thinly sliced
fresh strawberries

Tropical Mango
Mango Nectar
Thinly sliced fresh strawberries
1.        Open the champagne and/or sparkling wine, and place the bottles in an ice bucket filled with ice to keep cold. 
2.        Pour the desired juice(s) into a pitcher . Set out champagne flutes for guests to serve themselves. 
3.        To make a mimosa, fill a champagne flute with equal parts fruit juice and champagne. Add a garnish, if desired. 
To make cute orange slice garnishes, thinly slice an orange. Stack the orange slices and cut them into quarters. Cut a slit halfway up the orange at the top. Add the orange slice to the rim of glasses before serving. 

What Are We Up To? Assemblies & Installs
This week we are getting a Hagie sprayer ready to be a Y-drop and sprayer machine, as well as a dry cover crop machine When finished this Hagie will head to NE Ohio. Like I mentioned above Kurt and Mitch worked on a cover crop inter seeder headed for Texas, there will be a video next week on this toolbar. We also just received an order for Martin-Till row cleaners, closing wheels, and fertilizer coulters for spring planting season!
The 2018 version of Becks PFR research results were just released and the Yetter Devastator outperformed chopping cornheads when managing residue. It is amazing the residue management benefits that come from the Devastator, but what is most impressive is how cost effective the Devastators are compared to Chopping corn heads.
Just In: Salford 31' 570
Just in! We just traded in a 2007 31' Salford 570 Vertical Tillage Tool! This would be a great tool to use in the spring a head of the planter of zreate a seedbed and air out the soil or in the fall to beat up stalks and seed cover crops. Call 419-953-8500 to get your hands on this unit!
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