Dear PTA Advocates of Duval County:

3 – 2 – 1 – Engage! 
So, no, our theme is still “Building a Bridge”, but, if there was going to be a sub theme, I think this is it. There are so many things demanding our attention right now, but it’s also a time when engagement in the decisions being made that affect our children cannot be sidelined. PTA’s role as an integral partner and valued voice in our schools and community has never been more crucial. Challenge yourselves to increase communication with your membership and share resources and information as you receive them from DCCPTA as well as Florida and National PTA. The more of us that are in the know, the better we can make things for all children and build a bridge together.

Theresa Rogers, President
Duval County Council of PTAs and PTSAs
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Monday, August 31, 9:30am via Zoom

Programs Speaker: 
Angela Seabrooks, Full Services from DCPS Health Services
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The required Presidents and Treasurers’ trainings are virtual this year and on our YouTube channel:
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Virtual Fall Workshop coming in September  

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We are also planning some evening trainings and programs so stay tuned!
Back to School!
Stay up to date on the latest
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CLICK HERE to let us know what Half-Penny referendum questions you have and have heard from others. We’ll publish results in an upcoming special edition newsletter!

The ½ cent tax referendum will be on
the November 3, 2020 ballot.
Please share information with your members and help advocate for this needed funding to help improve our schools! 
To learn more, visit

DCCPTA Resolution supporting the ½ penny referendum approved, last year, by membership:

Stay informed and help spread the word! 
Participate in the One by One for the Half-Penny community mobilization monthly webinars via zoom.  Go to: 
From the Treasurer, Doreen Abbott 

Once your end of year audit is complete, send a copy (by August 31st) to the bookkeeper at your school AND AND

You can refer to the PTA Audit section of updated Treasurers Guide for guidance here: PTA Audit Treasurers Guide
and find the audit form required in Duval here: Outside School Related Org Annual Audit Report .

Remember the financial review/audit must be completed before any checks are written for the new fiscal year and must be completed by three non-check signers. 

- After completion of your 990 (due to IRS 11-15), please forward a copy (by November 30th) to: AND 
- For more information:
Click Check out National PTA's
new membership campaign materials you can download (click image).
With volunteers not on our campuses right now, PTAs and PTSAs have to get creative as to how to help provide programs, support and engage membership during this time. 

A few ideas can be found here:

Tell us how your PTA will do virtual this year so we can idea share. 

**Volunteer Status FYI – the DCPS site is still not accepting new applications at this time.  
Make sure you are using MemberHub
and let us know if you have questions.

MemberHub info/support:

Live online workshops:

MemberHub training for PTAs:
Please remember to consider adding a line item in your budget this year to contribute to the scholarship fund! Last year five very worthy Duval County high school seniors received $500 each to put toward their college education because of you and your members generosity.  
DCCPTA has re-tooled its website. There are still a few things under construction but we hope you visit us at and let us know what you think.

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DM us through Instagram and share any content suggestions/ideas that your membership would benefit from. Get as creative as you want. . . send visual examples, topics, etc.
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