September 2020 Newsletter
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Whether in class or at home, families face unbelievable challenges this school year.

Parents/caregivers will need to be available to their children during the day when many would be working, which leads to a decrease in income or work schedules.
Please click on the image to the left to donate so that children receive what they need for learning such as:

o Internet Access
o WiFi hot spots
o Laptops, tablets, etc.
o Study area (table, chair) 
o Hand sanitizer, gloves
A New Beginning for Jesse!

Congratulations to Jesse on moving into his own home! After a long road of hard work, patience and stick-to-itiveness, Jesse is now thriving in his own safe, comfortable space.

In Jesse's own words:

"Thank you so much for everything. The amount of details, even down to q-tips. Things I wouldn’t even think of. It’s like an Easter egg hunt, with surprises everywhere I look. Without all of you, I would have been completely over my head. This is such a nice way to start. If you guys hadn’t done that, I would have started with so little. I wouldn’t feel as hopeful, like this is really a new chapter. I feel like my life will start moving up. I’m exited to start cooking real food again. It’s been so long since I’ve been able to do that. I haven’t had a real home in so long. Really, I feel like I walked into a dream. Thank you to the whole team. What you guys do is truly appreciated!
A special thank-you to our Making Moves Matter team, who once again outdid themselves in safely preparing not just a place to live, but a warm, welcoming home!
New Jersey Together Morris Area Listening Campaign
This summer NJ Together brought 140 leaders from faith-based organizations and non-profits to begin a listening campaign for the purpose of gauging common concerns among Morris Area families, individuals and communities, some of which are experiencing multiple crises under the current pandemic.

The Listening Campaign will continue through early October when leaders will meet again to hear themes and stories from the community and formulate plans to take action for support.
If you would like to join in the campaign, please click on the logo below to access the online survey for anyone you may converse with that has been impacted by a crisis.
Click here for the paper version: SURVEY
A New Partnership with Macculloch Hall
Macculloch Hall Historical Muesum and Gardens of Morristown has partnered with Family Promise by offering several of its programs to the families we serve. Our guests are invited to enjoy the many beautiful gardens and take part in the Dig It! Plant It! Eat It! crafts and Growing Good Health program.
Macculloch Hall also participates in the NJ Together Morris Area Listening Campaign to further help our neighbors.

Thank you, Macculloch Hall, for supporting families and individuals through the joy of nature and creativity, and for generously donating 120 art kits to our Donations Fair! They were a huge hit with our younger visitors and brought many smiles to little faces!
Thank You for Your Donations!

With your support and the support of our community, Family Promise held a Donations Fair for the individuals and families we serve. Thank you for providing our guests with essential items for their children, themselves and their homes, helping them stay safe and prepared for the school year and colder months ahead. A special thank-you to Atlantic Health Systems for partnering with us and taking an essential part in our fair!
A special thank you to the following donors for their contributions to our Donations Fair:
Saks OFF 5th

Thank you Saks OFF 5th for donating disposable masks that we are able to share with our guests, volunteers and staff!

You have helped us keep safety a first priority and our guests are thrilled to have them!
United Way

Thank you United Way for providing an abundance of school supplies for all the students in our programs!

The burden of costly school supplies, whether learning virtually or in person, weighs heavily on a limited budget, and your generosity helped to make it lighter!
Atlantic Health Systems

A big thank-you to Atlantic Health Systems for donating hand sanitizer for every family at our Donations Fair!

Having the tools to keep safe and healthy lessens stress levels and provides much needed comfort during these ongoing challenging times!

Thank you to students from the Pingry School, Basking Ridge, who co-founded Care-Full and provided essential PPE packages for our guests at the day center and Our Promise!

The packages include disposable masks, hand sanitizer and disposable gloves, which were hugely appreciated by our visitors at the fair!
Words and Wings

Thank you to Words and Wings for donating books, journals and art supplies for our adult guests and their children to enjoy!

Having the escape of a good book or the joy of artistic expression can greatly relieve anxiety experienced by both adults and children.
First Baptist Church

Thank you to First Baptist Church, Parsippany, for consistently donating Wawa sandwiches and Panera baked goods throughout the pandemic.

They were well received and enjoyed by many at the fair and were truly a treat to so many of our guests!
Unemployment benefits – Do you know anyone who has been furloughed or has had their employment put on hold? To find out if eligible for unemployment benefits, check out at Unemployed in NJ who has put together an unemployment survival kit. For Unemployment Insurance go to: My Unemployment
Job Opportunities – Check out NJ Jobs, a jobs and hiring site that lists over 65,000 New Jersey job openings.
Mortgage Payments – Refer to the Federal Housing Finance Agency for help with mortgage payments. Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, and the Federal Home Loan Banks are offering mortgage relief for homeowners.
Monthly Bills –  For assistance with paying monthly bills, please refer to The Consumer Protection Financial Bureau lists steps to take to protect yourself financially.
Food / Cash / Health Insurance Assistance – For additional assistance with food, financial needs, and health insurance, check out NJ Helps.
Mental Health Services Family Intervention Services can help with mental health assistance where you can connect with a specialist. They offer Spanish-speaking counselors and have free options. You may also call 973-324-7879 to speak with a specialist.
Text NJCOVID to 898-211 to receive text alerts from the NJ Governor’s office . You can also call a Healthcare Professional at 1-800-962-1253.

*Credit to our community partner, Habitat for Humanity, for above information.
We Need Your Help!

Can you spare a bottle of cleaning spray? Our individuals and families want to keep their living space clean and safe and are in high need of cleaning supplies.

If you are able to donate, please email Family Promise at or call 973-998-0820 ext. 110.
Donate Your Cancelled Event to Families in Need!

Your special event, birthday, or other celebration can be turned into a fundraiser or donated to the families we serve just by clicking the link below!
Essential Needs for Our Guests During this Challenging Time:

Hand Sanitizer
Toilet Paper
Sanitizing Wipes & Other Cleaning Supplies
Disposable Gloves
Bottled Water

Please email Family Promise at to arrange
a no-contact delivery of these key items to our day center.
Click on the map to see Family Promise affiliates across the country!
Family Promise of Morris County | 973-998-0820 |