A few months into Lauren’s involvement at the TLP and she was already seeing growth in herself. Her relationships with her family members, both her siblings and her parents, were rocky but she wanted to try to work on them. She was able to do family mediation and reconnect with her siblings.

“Having space from them all really helped. The relationships I have with my siblings aren’t as toxic anymore. I still don’t have contact with my parents, but that’s actually a good thing.” Family mediation does not always work but is always encouraged and explored. Since returning home wasn’t an option, she was able to get emancipated and legally be her own guardian.

Lauren got a job she enjoyed and was working 40+ hours a week. During that time, she also completed high school. Lauren came to New Beginnings knowing she needed help with her anger - gradually, she worked on it through conversations with staff, having her basic needs met, and finding success accomplishing her goals.