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January/February 2017
"Be thou a mountain of quiescence, a sign of meekness, a sea of patience, a light of love...."
~ Abdu'l-Baha
Happy New Year! 

Happy New Year! No doubt 2017 has begun with a load of physical, emotional, spiritual and energetic transformations! And at Holistique, we are committed to transforming and improving patient care, procedures, and services. We are grateful to each of you for your patience as we shift so that we can better aid you through your personal transformation. 

As many of you have noticed, Holistique has now two branches, Holistique Medical Center (HMC) and Holistique Health Institute (HHI).

HMC offers insurance based primary health care provided by Dr. Fox, Dr. Rayachoti and Dr. Thorne. Our HMC physicians will continue to consult with Dr. Darvish regarding your individual healthcare needs when necessary.  HMC will soon be moving to Suite B (by March 2017) in the same building (1200 - 116th Ave NE, Bellevue).

HHI provides concierge and specialty wellness care for those seeking bio-identical hormone therapy, regenerative injection therapies, IV-nutritional therapy, integrative chronic disease and cancer therapy, and natural aesthetics. HHI is the main office for Dr. Darvish.  HHI will remain at the current location (1200 - 116th Ave NE, Suite C). 

Holistique Dispensary providing compounded bio-identical hormone medicine, herbs, homeopathic medicines and supplements and housing our specialty nutraceuticals (Khosh Formulas) will stay at the current location in Suite C. As long as you have been prescribed supplements and herbs by your naturopathic physician, your purchases are always tax-free at Holistique. Refills for supplements and hormone therapies can be requested on your patient portal or by phone to 425-451-0404. 

You may continue to reach us for appointments and questions at the same usual number 425-451-0404.

We are currently in the process of separating the websites for each practice for further clarity. For now, for further info on details of diagnostics and treatment services available at both practices, please visit

Purchase through February 28th, 2017
Use until December 31st, 2017

Let's make 2017 a year of spiritual and physical transformation! And to help you through this process, Holistique is offering specials on several diagnostic and treatment procedures. 

25% Discount on 2 procedures - See Details below

If you are fighting joint pain from arthritis or injuries, proven effective natural treatment options now exist. Dr. Darvish has been performing prolotherapy, prolozone, and PRP injection therapies since 2006. These injection therapies regenerate and heal your joints, face and skin, without the need for surgery. 

Take advantage of the  PRP (Platelet-Rich Plasma) therapy  special for regenerating your joints or face for the month of February.  PRP uses growth factors and stem cells from your own blood to regenerate joints, skin, breast tissue, libido,  and sexual disorders  in both men and women.
PRP joint therapy is ideal for healing osteoarthritis, arthritis, and ligamental tears, often eliminating the need for surgery.

Pre-pay for 2 PRP joint procedures performed on the same day and get 25% discount. 

PRP facelift/facials are an excellent way to keep your skin youthful, giving it a gentle lift and improving skin quality and texture, and eliminating fine wrinkles and scars. Recommended for those over age 35.

Pre-purchase 2 PRP facelift/facial combo to be performed one year apart and get 25% discount on both. 

FACIAL OZONE - Pre-Pay for 2 or more treatments and get 25% off!

Ideal for men and women,  Ozone therapy is a revolutionary therapy from Europe for oxygenation and skin rejuvenation, eliminating scars, fine lines and wrinkles, blemishes and acne, and to improve quality of skin and texture. The procedure takes 20 minutes and there is no down time. We recommend 1 treatment every 4-6 wks for 4 sessions for optimum results. Recommended for men of all ages, teens, as well women under 35 years old. 

Pre-pay for 2 or more  ozone facials, and receive 25% discount. 


Your heart is your life engine. Physically, the heart and the circulatory system pump blood, nutrients and oxygen to every single cell in your body. Emotionally, your heart is the center of your emotional connectivity. Matters relating to emotions affect the physic al
heart, so we must evaluate both the physical and emotional heart to get the full picture of your heart health.

To assess both your emotional and physical heart health, we use an advanced European diagnostic tool, ES Tech computer system, which combines heart rate variability, autonomic nervous system evaluation, bio-impedance and sudomotor testing. The test gives us info on your cholesterol, plaque build-up, thyroid and adrenal function, cellular health, body composition, Chinese meridian imbalances and more. 

Pre-pay for an ES Tech test during the month of February and receive a 25% discount. Use anytime until December 31st, 2017.

Start your morning with grain-free Acai Bowl!

Full of antioxidants, good for the heart, brain, gut and the soul, the Hawaiian Acai bowl is a nutritious breakfast or afternoon snack.

Welcome to our ROLFER 
Jeffrey Bomes, LMP

Also known as Structural Integration Therapy, Rolfing is a form of deep body work aimed at releasing chronic trauma and pain. We welcome Jeffrey Bomes who has joined Holistique to provide the missing link for our patients for resolving chronic pain. Jeffrey has over 20 years experience and has been trained by Drs.  Emmett Hutchins and Peter Melchior, two original Rolfing trainers. Jeffrey has helped heal thousands of patients, including professional athletes and prominent world leaders.

Through a very systematic process, rolfing releases 'stuck' fascia, allowing the body to re-align itself as it let's go of physical memory of trauma and injuries. 

To learn more about rolfing, please ask one of our physicians. You may be eligible to receive insurance reimbursement with a prescription from your physician. To make an appointment with Jeffrey, please call 425-451-0404 to experience the beginnings of your pain-free life!



"....endure and be patient, and by patience thou wilt attain thy desire."
('Abdu'l-Bahá, Tablets of 'Abdu'l-Bahá v2, p. 456)


Dr. Fox is now contracted by Group Health Options, Lifewise, Aetna, Regence, Premera, and First Choice. Dr. Fox will soon be contracted with Cigna as well.

Dr. Rayachoti is contracted by Premera, Lifewise, First Choice, Group Health Options,  and soon will be with Cigna and Aetna. 

Dr. Thorne will be contracted in February by Premera, Lifewise, First Choice, Group Health, and soon by Cigna, and Aetna.  

Please check with your insurance for naturopathic benefits and coverage for your particular physician.

Office visits, spinal manipulation, annual and sports physicals for adults and kids, and paps are billed to your insurance companies by Holistique for those who have the benefits under the provider.

If a provider is not contracted with your particular insurance company, a superbill will be sent to you per your request, after payment received, for you to submit to your insurance company for reimbursement. 

For billing questions, please contact Darrell at 425-451-0404 ext 2.

We hope this e-news has been beneficial to you. For any comments or questions or topics for the next issue, please let us know at

Stay patient, be empowered and know that your health can transform! We look forward to helping you create your optimal wellness.

With Loving Regards,  
Dr. D and Holistique Staff 
1200 - 116th AVE NE, STE C