Dear Friends,
As the calendar turns to another decade (2020?!) we have taken some time to reflect on all God did in 2019 and to project what we prayerfully hope God will do in 2020. Last year held many ends that made way for new beginnings. After all, we serve a God who makes all things new and works everything together for our good and His glory. With so much to share and so much to look forward to we thought we'd update you with photos! Enjoy :) And, remember, we love hearing from you. Thanks for praying for us and for faithfully supporting us :)
New Beginnings
Our New Church Home!
Iglesia Kairos
This new beginning came with a difficult end. The small tribal church we attended for over three years closed mid-2019. We believe this "end" was God-ordained and are celebrating all God did through our little body of believers. We continue our discipleship relationships with our "old" church family while beginning to connect more deeply with our new church family, Kairos.

To hear more about why we chose Kairos as our new church home
Our New Teammates!
Jonathan and Bekah Pifer
In our role as Country Coordinators in Ecuador we've been charged with forming a local team to juggle the tasks related to the empowerment of the tribal church through a movement of cooperation. We've always accounted for our weaknesses and have prayed for a provision of a couple that will offset those weaknesses with their strengths.

Well, we are overjoyed to share that Jonathan and Bekah will be joining our team full-time. To learn more click here.
A New Role!
(in addition to our ongoing roles)

After 5 years serving with Alteco and the Three Waves Movement we have been asked to serve as liaisons between South American Operations and US Administration.

This role includes lots of translation, virtual meetings discussing strategy and expressing on-the-ground needs. We are honored to serve in this important role as we strive to support local church efforts with US support and cooperation.
Lots to Celebrate
Celebrating Life.
2nd AIDS Education Workshop = Complete!
After the death of a young man from AIDS we were asked to cooperate with local leadership in providing education to the impacted community. With the help of a fellow missionary/nurse we were able to contextualize instruction and build deeper relationships.
Celebration of Cooperation and Community Ministries
Earlier this month were overjoyed to participate in a celebration of collaboration hosted by our friends and co-laborers at Voz y Manos.

In 2019 we were able to serve side-by-side in community water projects and we look forward to more collaboration in 2020.
Celebration of Jesus' Birth!
In late December Georgia and Reese participated in a Christmas play fully written by kids, directed by kids, costume designed by kids...everything was done by the KIDS.
It was a great opportunity to giggle, create, collaborate and remember the greatest miracle baby Jesus!
A Bit of Fun
We are always up for a bit of clowning around!
We learn more and more each year about how important it is to show up for community events. Above you see Tina hanging out with the clowns at a bull-fight. Attending community events helps us learn more about the core-values of the culture, rub shoulders with community leaders and enjoy time with the people. Plus, it's fun!
3 Birthdays in January
Tina turned the big 4-0 in January and Chris and Reese also celebrated birthdays! We hosted parties, were thrown parties, friends cooked celebratory ceviche for Chris' special day and more.

Please pray for us all as we live another year loving God and others with an unconditional love.
Spiritual Retreat
As a result of wise-counsel we (Chris and Tina) took a 2 day spiritual retreat for prayer, processing and a bit of peaceful silence. What better way to "get away from it all" than to camp at the base of a volcano in the Andes mountains? We absolutely FROZE but the time was rewarding and significant for healthy reengagement in life and ministry.
Coming Up... Please be praying.
Tribal Leadership Team Visits - March and July
We will be hosting members of the tribal leadership team of South America for two visits this year. March's visit will be addressing some sensitive local leadership challenges and will focus on making stronger connections with local leadership and tribal leaders. July's visit will be to lead a Tribal Leadership Spiritual Retreat. Our role during both visits will be to support, host, connect and counsel.
Peru Ministry Trip
Misión Abordo - April
We have been invited to participate in a week-long program, Misión Abordo. Along with about 40 other individuals we will be traveling on the Amazon in the boat picture above. Our Peruvian co-workers are serving at teachers and coordinators of this ministry.
Many key leaders from Ecuador will be joining this trip as well and this time will serve as a great connection point for mutual missional understanding and future collaboration. Additionally we will be serving as a support for our Peruvian co-workers as they lead this trip.
Tribal Leadership Spiritual Retreat - July
Alongside the South American tribal leadership team we will be hosting a spiritual retreat for tribal leaders of Ecuador. This retreat will be led by tribal leaders and our role (alongside other local team-members and potentially a US visiting team) will be to serve behind the scenes while tribal leaders minister to tribal leaders .
We love that this dynamic emphasizes our conviction that local leadership is essential in the next phase of ministry in the Amazon, amongst the tribes.

Your faithful support makes our life and work in Ecuador possible.

Thank you for your monthly support and one-time gifts.
Both are needed!