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Delta Adapts: On the Way to a Multi-Benefit Climate Adaptation Strategy

“An adaption strategy for the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta must address and reduce climate change impacts in a way that meets the coequal goals, builds resilience for the future, and prioritizes the most vulnerable communities,” writes Associate Deputy Executive Officer for Planning & Climate Harriet Lai Ross.

Harriet’s new blog shares what Delta Stewardship Council staff have learned from meeting with representatives of diverse groups in the Delta to develop an Adaptation Strategy that reflects values from a wide range of interests.


The Council Invests Further in Climate Leadership

The Council was pleased to name Harriet Lai Ross associate deputy executive officer for planning & climate as of November 1, 2022. Learn more about Harriet’s role and background in the news release.

Portrait of Harriet Lai Ross

Understanding and Adapting to Climate Change

In 2018, the Council took a bold step toward better understanding the future effects of climate change on the Delta by initiating an unparalleled study of climate vulnerabilities for the entire Delta region. The study, which was published in 2021, is part of a larger Delta Adapts initiative, comprised of a vulnerability assessment and a forthcoming adaptation plan.

Learn more about Delta Adapts in the video below.

Our Delta Adapts initiative is a comprehensive, regional approach to climate resiliency that cuts across regional boundaries and commits to collaboration across state, local, and regional levels. 

A resilient statewide water supply and ecosystem necessitate collective implementation of the Delta Plan. The Delta Plan creates a common vision for taking-on current and predicted challenges.

Council members at the April Council meeting

The Council was created to align decision-making in the Delta with science. In the face of climate change, this connection is more important than ever. Progress requires bringing the right people together to implement timely, science-based solutions.

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