New Blog on How We can all be Guardians of the Delta:

What We Heard at Our Tribal Listening Session 

The Delta Stewardship Council is pleased to promote the publication of a new blog co-authored by Chair Virginia Madueño and Tribal Liaison Brandon Chapin to reflect upon the Tribal Listening Session held as part of the April 27, 2023, Council meeting.

“It was an honor to host representatives of the Buena Vista Rancheria of Me-Wuk Indians, Shingle Springs Rancheria of Miwok Indians, United Auburn Indian Community, and Paskenta Band of Nomlaki Indians,” they write. “We want to express our deep appreciation for the time they took to teach us and show how much there still is to learn. We would also like to acknowledge that while they may have spoken at the listening session with a concerted voice, they each represent only their Tribes, and we have much work to do to foster relationships with the Tribes not represented that day.”

“We want to share some of what we heard from these tribal representatives, both for our recollection and for all who have their own connection to the Delta.”

Council meeting

The Council was created to align Delta decision-making with science. In the face of climate change, this connection is more important than ever. Progress requires bringing the right people together to implement timely, science-based solutions. 

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