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 BILL ABBOTT MAGIC NEWSLETTER                                                                     AUGUST 2011   

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Welcome to the August edition of the Bill Abbott Magic Newsletter!   


Exciting News: I have been featured in the August issue of Magic Magazine in a piece written by fellow Canadian Jamie D. Grant.  The title of the article is Breaking Into The Church: A Day With Bill Abbott and centers around Jamie's first encounter with yours truly and a show I did in Victoria B.C.  It's wonderfully written and if you get a chance to read it, will probably reveal some things about me you probably didn't know.


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I am currently preparing to head to Las Vegas next week to attend the Magic Live convention.  This is my first Magic Live and from what I have heard over the last several years, it's one of the best conventions to attend.  I am not going as a presenter or performer, just going to connect, learn, absorb and have fun!  If you are going to be there track me down and please introduce yourself.  It will be great to connect with some great new (and old) friends. 









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The Sting is a stage routine created by Lou Leventhal.  Lou has been performing this routine over the past 27 years and although it fits in a pocket, Lou has performed it for audiences as large as 25,000 people!  I spent a lovely few days with Lou and his family in Saskatoon shooting the DVD and getting all the details on this dynamic routine. 


The wait will be worth me.  


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Until next time, think nice thoughts.

Bill Abbott