The wide views and new encounters invite me into a different way of interacting with the world. I’m taking time for a wider perspective amidst the details of the daily both literally and in my way of processing. The texture, sounds, color and movement of my new surroundings awaken my senses. Gratitude fills me for the little things such as the wave of thanks when pausing for a pedestrian, a laugh with a co-worker, or getting all green lights through downtown. It also invites me to reflect on the bittersweet nature of change which holds both blessing and challenge.
We will soon be entering into the season of Lent which invites us to interact in a different way with the world. It is a time when we are invited to choose practices which make more space for God and for others. We are invited open our hearts to wider perspectives and new encounters. Our senses can be alert in the midst of barrenness and absence. Perhaps it is also a time for gratitude for the shared journey and steps toward transformation. In my experience, it can also be a challenging time where I have to practice self-compassion to stay with the journey of transformation through Lent. May we each journey forward with openness and grace, allowing our hearts and perspectives to be transformed. --Sr. Kimberly Porter, OSB