February 23, 2017 
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I am very excited that my newest book Unfolding the Mystery of Self - We Are Never Alone is now available through Amazon or my website. It is available as either a paperback or as an e-book.  While I would love for you to buy it whenever you can, if you buy it on Thursday, February 23, 2017 it will help the book reach an Amazon #1 Best Seller status like my first book did. 

Unfolding the Mystery of Self - We Are Never Alone explores the depths of the spiritual journey of one woman through New Age teachings, Christianity, Buddhism and Hinduism on the road less traveled. I share my insights and possibilities as I encounter ancestors, angels and teachers in spirit and shows we always have guidance.  I take us beyond the story of tragedy and trauma of my early years and explores the spiritual path of study and mystical experiences, as well as the development of intuitive and healing gifts. I move beyond to the awareness that enlightenment isn't just for Buddhists; self-realization is available to everyone who seeks.
I think you'll like it and everyone can gain comfort in knowing we are never alone.

This Months Special
Order Unfolding The Mystery of Self and get Living Hope for Free!
For a limited time when you buy my new book Unfolding the Mystery of Self - We are Never Alone you can get a free eBook version of my first book Living Hope for free!
This is a limited time offer so visit my launch page for more information.
"Some of us walk a unique, decidedly spiritual path. By choice, some us create a spiritual life without religion and stand on our own. In my case, I have chosen a path to Christ consciousness or enlightenment." ~Lynne Cockrum-Murphy

Upcoming ThetaHealing classes
I have several upcoming ThetaHealing classes set for next month:
Advanced ThetaHealing March 28-30
Manifesting & Abundance April 27-28
There is time to get a Basic DNA ThetaHealing class (a prerequisite) in before the advanced class if you need it. Contact me and we will schedule it for mid March.

Lastly, I was thinking about my favorite authors who had a major impact on my spiritual growth. I have to credit Baba Ram Dass, Jack Kornfield and Sanaya Roman who had a major impact on me.
Who is your all-time favorite author that helped you grow spiritually? Drop me a note, I would like to hear from you.



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